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Sometimes the best decorating move you can do is take something down or remove something.may 2010 084 1

    Breathe, windows! may 2010 107 1 I’ve got a little herb garden going on, and it may just work. Usually I kill plants because I forget to water.
may 2010 090 1
But since they are right behind the sink and I see them at least a couple of times a day, these might have a fighting chance…may 2010 093 1
Is there something in your home that would look a hundred jillion times better just by taking something down?


  1. I love this fresh look Melissa! The little herb pots are precious.

    I would have to think on that one. Hmmm....:) *Smiles*

  2. Hello sweet Melissa - Love all the light that comes in through your window now! And you've inspired me to start a little herb garden in my kitchen window area. Because, like you, I am not a green thumb. But I would water them if they were under my nose! Ew...that doesn't sound right. LOL. You know what I mean.


  3. Wow, much better without the window treatments! I have to mention, the cilantro is going to overtake that tiny pot in a very short amount of time. Hope you have a big old pot ready, it spreads so fast and can get two feet tall!

    Sometimes I just go through the house and remove all my decorative things like candles, vases, doodads, and just leave the house with nothing for awhile. It allows you to rethink what you really want.

  4. Amen! If I had it my way all my windows would be bare. Of course, one would probably have to be in a rural setting, a cave, or remote mountain location for that to happen. Still...

  5. I agree with removal of the window tretment and how it opens things up. I love the herb pots!

  6. It does look better! We are so programmed to see an empty window or space and think we have to fill it up. ;)

    I need to take down some stuff on my kitchen wall....

  7. where did you get the little signs that you wrote on???

  8. It definitely makes a huge difference! Smart move!

  9. I couldn't agree more. love it!

  10. Isn't amazing that something so small can make such a difference? I also had less than pretty window treatments on my kitchen window when we moved into this house. Only took me about 4 yrs or so to take them down!

    I feel your pain about the plants. I wish I had a green thumb but no such luck!

  11. I am trying to grow herbs this year too. I think your pots look cute on the counter.

  12. Wow! What a difference..."let there be light"! LOL...love it!

  13. Love it without the curtains. It looks so bright and cheerful. I want to grow some herbs, too. I am a little behind with gardening.


  14. Ah, yes. . . breathe!

    I love fabrics. I love curtains and draperies and all manner of window dressing. At the end of the day, though, my favorite window is still an untreated one.

    Good luck with your herbs! I have a recipe for the MOST WONDERFUL bruschetta topping made with fresh basil. . . should I post it?

  15. Your herb garden looks really good. I also don't have a green thumb, but my herbs are looking pretty good as well!

  16. Tasha~
    I got them at the Target dollar spot last year...I haven't looked to see if they have them again. Good luck!

  17. Gorgeous!

    I actually love windows without curtains. So crisp and clean.

  18. It took 5 years but I finally took the ugly shades out of the sliding glass door. It was the only thing to keep us private from the neighbors behind us. But I decided I would never get around to buying curtains until I took the ugly shades down. It's been several months and still no curtains but I still love having the open window minus the grossness. And the trees between us and the neighbors gives us both some privacy except for when the neighbor boy climbs the tree like a monkey to talk to my son.


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