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tomorrow is the last day of school for us.
Your thoughts yesterday made me even more excited, but we’re still making up snow days from our long winter. One last choir concert tonight, ice cream party tomorrow, my daughter’s birthday party on Sat and we’re there!
My baby has been waking up with the birds at 5:30 a.m. This equals a very tired, grouchy mom who all of a sudden doesn’t get any alone time in the morning. Raaawwwrrr.
june 2010 085 1 ^ cranky baby who also doesn’t get enough sleep and just wants mom to push him. 

My husband suggested black out curtains so maybe he wouldn’t know it’s morning and will sleep longer. Twist my leg twice for an excuse to go to Target.
Some treasures we found:

Mossimo sandals for 12.99 They were on an endcap by the purses~there weren’t many left at my store, but I thought they  were very cute and actually comfy fabric. They had these linen type ones, some turquoise ones, brown, and black. (Here they are online)
A bike bell in the dollar spot! june 2010 214 1  Have you seen these cool marshmallow/hot dog sticks that extend out? Also in the dollar spot. june 2010 215 1
And guess what we forgot to get? The blackout curtains. I am seriously worried about my brain these days. I always swore I would never pin up blankets or towels up in the windows. Sooooo tacky.
Guess what’s going up on his window tonight?


  1. Last day of school for us tomorrow as well! I saw the the turquoise sandals at our Target - so cute! I'll have to be sure to check out the dollar spot for the bike bells next time. I remember having one on my bike as a kid :)

    Mary Ellen

  2. Hey I just bought those sandals in turqouise and those hot dog sticks - I bought my store out of them twice!!!

  3. If it makes you feel better, my 11-month old has been deciding that 4:15 am is a great time to start the day - we have the tacky blankets over the blinds, too. :) There's just so many more things I'd like to buy with $30! :)

  4. don't worry about the brain --- happens to the best of us. I bought blackouts from Target a couple months ago and has really helped my 7 year old with both bedtime and morning time --- her window is small, so I was able to purchase only one panel and cut down the middle!

  5. Oh, good luck with the early bird. The boys are early risers too. Thankfully they only wake up before 6am if they go to bed too late. I'll have to see if we have bike bells at our Target - that's fun. Good luck with the kiddos!

  6. Oh, honey. Blackout curtains are the bomb. As for tacky. . . you can always do some camouflage. When my youngest was little, I had blinds on his window--looked very nice from outside. Then I thumbtacked those blackish "contractor strength" garbage bags over the blinds on the inside. Obviously, that looked awful. But I sewed some simple little curtains out of bedsheets, and they completely hid the "blackout shades." At first I hesitated because I thought about how dark his room would be during the day if I left those bags up there 24/7. But when he slept peacefully, oblivious of the sun's comings and goings, I got over that nervousness. I just put a higher-wattage bulb in his ceiling fixture so that there would be plenty of light in his room when necessary.

    Also, do you have white noise machine in his room?

    Good luck!

  7. My little one (15 months) gets up at 5:45 every day lately. Ugh. I so feel your pain!

    Forgetting the blackout shades is soooo something I would do! I'm glad I'm not the only one =)

  8. If I had a dime for every time I came home from Target without the very thing I went for in the first place...I would be rich! Just gives us an excuse to go back! Happy Summer!

  9. LOL, Target has that effect on me too!

  10. I almost got those roasting sticks when I was there yesterday!
    As far as blackout shades and tacky goes, I'm notorious for taping a torn black garbage bag over my boys' window. That beats a blanket or towel I think. But it works and it's free!

  11. Last day for us also, but it's worth a longer school year for the snow. I must head to Target tonight and check out the Dollar Spot

  12. This sounds like a typical shopping trip for me. But all sorts of stuff then forget what it was I was really there for. I may have to run and get those sandals. New shoes always makes for good day!

  13. we lived with blankets at the windows for a couple YEARS, hey, it works!
    you couldnt see them from the outside so i didnt give a hoot! :) lol
    something else i used (to block out noises) was box fans in the rooms. my girls are 20 and 22 and still use them today( not the same fans, of course) but you get the idea. lol
    i got lots of coffee, reading or talk on the phone time while they were sleeping or napping. i didnt have to worry about every little noise waking them up.

  14. Hi Melissa.
    We're out for summet too! YIPPEE! Now there is finally time to do a little R & R! I loved this post...and the hot dog skewers. Great idea...I need to look for those!

  15. We use the blackout shades in both our boys' rooms. Makes for better afternoon nap time too. They are mounted on the outside of the window behind the valance so no one even sees them when they're up. I got mine at Lowe's and they cut them to size for me too. Help with heat in the afternoons too on those sunny summer days. Now you have another excuse to go to Target again.

  16. ANYTHING to get some sleep. RUN. FAST. TO TARGET.

  17. Oh no! Now you have another excuse to go to Target. Are you sure you didn't forget on purpose???

  18. I love black out curtains. Do you have a 40% off JoAnn's coupon? If so, I would highly recommend getting the fabric there. It's usually around $10 per yard (it's on the big upholstry rolls, I think). Then you can just get a tension rod and glue it or something like that. It's much cheaper!

  19. Okay, y'all. We taped up the black garbage bags tonight. I'll give you a report tomorrow. *crossing fingers* thanks for all of the tips!! You are the best!

  20. Re: black garbage bags...aren't you afraid that the little ones might pull them down? Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't want plastic bags in a childs room. Just a thought :)

  21. Going to Target and not getting what I went in there for is SO something I would do! You did get some cute stuff though:) Does that make you feel any better?

  22. Ha, I went to Target last Sat specifically for ballet tights for my daughters recital and got home and realized I didn't have the tights! :)

    Could your baby be cold??? My daughter's fan is on in her room because the nights are warm but by 6am it was too cool on her and she was waking up at 6. :( We started turning the fan off at 10 and she is sleeping later.

  23. Hi,

    We're moving soon and I didn't want to commit to pricey black out curtains or blinds so we cut four squares of black felt and adhered it to the window frame with blue painter's tape (major Our wood blinds (there previously) go right over it, so you can't see it from the inside and on the outside it just looks black (this is also fine because no one sees the back windows except the foxes and deer:)

    Whatever works to make a baby sleep is OKAY!


    PS went to Target last Saturday for detergent and guess what I had to go back on Sunday for????


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