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I was driving past my old middle school when we were in Montana, and this house made me do a double take. It’s across the street from the school and I used to walk past it everyday, but I don’t remember it in this great of shape. Look what a new coat of paint, some home made shutters, a new porch railing, and some new light fixtures, and some simple landscaping (maybe new windows?) can do. I want to buy it and it’s not even on the market!

008 1 The door is the same one from the 60’s, but isn’t it amazing what a coat of black paint can do?

009 1

Don’t you just want to see inside now? Am I officially a stalker?


  1. Adorable house!! I'm so envious of that fabulously green grass!

    It IS amazing what a little money and paint can do! My little house was so dated and all it really needed was paint.

    A couple hundred dollars and a few weeks of hard work has netted me over $10K in equity!! It's crazy!!

  2. If you hid out in their shrubs, then I'd say you were a stalker. ;) That's a cute house. I love older homes that are all spruced up like that. Gives them new life.


  3. I say... stalk away. My lips are sealed!

    That house is tooooo fun!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. Cute house. I've definitely had my moments of wanting to stop and take a photo before. I actually did take one once of the house my grandfather grew up in. I'd be worried about you if you snuck up and peeked in the windows, but I think you're okay. ;)

  5. Well, you DID take pictures..hmmm

    Just saying.

  6. that's an adorable house.

  7. It makes me smile when someone finds a diamond in the rough and brings it to a happy place!!

  8. I actually called a real estate agent and let them know I wasn't casing the house just stalking. I told him I would let him know if anyone was around that wasn't supposed to be. :)
    We live in a very small town. 4 years later I still stalk the house even though it has sold, but I have cut back to once a month or so instead of several times a day.
    There must be a 12 step program.

  9. The house looks great. Dont feel bad I'm a house stalker myself, I love going to visit people and look at what decorating style they have.

  10. So nice to see what a bit of love and attention can do!

    My DH & I stalked the first home we bought as a married couple - was so exciting, we just knew it had potential! I was on the marktet for way toooo much, they laughed at our offer - then came back two months later to ask if we were still interested! 4 yrs later and a lot of hard work, not a lot of dollars spent - we sold it for 4 times what we paid!

    I say keep stalking!!!! LOL!

  11. That would be funny if the owner read your blog.

  12. What a cute house. I would love to see the inside. Please share if you make it inside! :)

  13. My house is the exact same color combination! Love it!!!!

  14. Hi Melissa, just discovered your blog and clicked on Montana cause I live there. The little house by your old school belongs to my friend Annette. They've completely redone everything inside and out and on a budget! Annette's a very talented self taught decorator and would be thrilled to show you what they've done. She'd be so excited that her little house was featured on your blog. Next time you're in Missoula knock on her door and tell her you're that "house stalking blogger lady". I'm sure you'd get a tour. Dawn

  15. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:51 PM

    That is crazy that you know her! I wish we were coming to Montana this summer, but unfortunately, we're not! I'll have to set a tour with her next time we're visiting! I miss Missoula...

  16. Melissa, I love your Montana blog.  It is cool to see your suggestions for what to do while in Missoula.  I am a non-trad student living in Missoula (only blocks away from the Dairy Queen) during the week and commuting back home to Helena on the weekends.  I am blessed to have lived in Montana for the past twenty years.  It is a beautiful state with truly wonderful residents. It is a great place to live, especially in the summer!  


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