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Well hello, wonderful 320 Sycamore readers. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. It always seems like I’m playing catch-up on Mondays from weekend craziness. Here are some treasures I’ve found in the last month in my thrifting adventures:
A table for the living room. ($10 @ Goodwill) Hopefully I’ll be sharing a makeover here shortly, since (ahem) I’m supposed to be working on the living room.
lr table

A lamp I love so much, I may not do anything to it except take off the 50 million price tags our Goodwill puts on everything. ($2.95)
september 2010 010 1
A chandelier! I paid 19.95.
When I first had it in my cart, I was thinking that seemed like a lot.
So I put it back.
And then I picked it up again.
And then I put it back.
And then as I was walking up to check out, I saw a lady walk in that I knew would get it if I didn’t. She just looked like she was in the market for a 6 light chandelier with shades. So I high-tailed it to the back of the store and put it safely in my cart.
september 2010 013 1

A smaller chandelier for $2.95. Much more in my price range~I think it may go perfectly in a hallway:september 2010 014
I hope you all had thrifting success! Any good finds?

P.S.! Don’t forget Thursday:


  1. You have inspired my girl! I think I am going to take my babe and swing by the Goodwill here in downtown Seattle! I think I may find something good!

  2. Love the chandelier for 19.95...I still think it was a good bargain! I would have done the same thing though, picked it up/ put it back a few times! I do that even when things are fifty cents!

  3. Oh I just LOVE Goodwill finds. Amazing treasure you found there!

  4. great finds! i am so jelly. i love all of it!!!!

  5. I don't think I would change that lamp, either. :)

  6. That table is too cute! Check out my blog if u get a chance.

  7. I just read your post to my husband and we're both laughing because I would have done the same thing with the lamp. Great Finds.


  8. i love it when you can tell you have competition! lol!!! Love the chandeliers!

  9. Wow! Your GW Rocks! My GW would charge at least $8 for the lamp and probably $15 for the small chandelier.

    I found a lamp this weekend that is a white milky color with a round drum shade. I love it but I paid $13.00 for it. Still better than $60 new, I guess!

  10. Wow, you scored big time!! I have yet to score that big at our Goodwill. Love the chandelier and looking forward to seeing what you do with the table! Thanks for all the great ideas your blog provides!

  11. My Goodwill is completely random. Sometimes they'll have amazing prices, then they will want $20 for an ugly framed print. Many times, I just walk out empty-handed, so it's not like I found these all in one trip. It is just down the hill from me, so it's good...and bad :)

  12. Girl, you did GOOD!!! Love that first piece. Can't wait to see what you do with it. :) I'm seriously considering driving over the mountains to go thrifting with you. ;)

  13. I used to have the larger chandy. We figured out that you can unscrew the points coming out of the top. We preferred it that way.

  14. Kerry~thanks for the tip! I'm not crazy about them either...

  15. What's the matter with my Goodwills?? They always seem to disappoint... do you guys know about secret Goodwills?? :)

  16. We have the exact same chandelier in our dining room (we purchased it from Lowes) and I have to say you definitely got a deal!!! You always find such great finds at your Goodwil; almost makes me want to make a roadtrip! Love your blog by the way. :)

  17. Lucky girl! You are finding amazing deals on cute stuff at your Goodwill. I swear, our goodwill has either really old expensive stuff (the used stuff) and then it has a big section that is brand new stuff. They wanted over $300 for a basic used table and chair set! I'm not sure who's pricing their items but I sure don't go in there often.

  18. What excellent items and those perfect chandeliers - great finds!


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