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Our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe lately is the good old Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe. We like them soft and chewy, but you can also make them crispy. You can also spread them in a pan and make them into bars. YUM. My husband makes them the best, but I can make them faster. :) We love to use the mini chocolate chips.

My mom had this poem on our fridge growing up:

A house should have a cookie jar
for when it's half past three,
And children hurry home from school
as hungry as can be.

There's nothing quite so splendid
in filling children up,
as spicy fluffy ginger cakes
and sweet milk in a cup.

A house should have someone
waiting with a hug,
no matter what a boy brings home,
a puppy or a bug.

For children only loiter when
the bell rings to dismiss,
if no one's home to greet them
with a cookie and a kiss.

~Author Unknown~

I love making cookies, but the problem is, I *love* eating them too…



  1. I used to have migraines eating chocolate as well.  I discovered that if I eliminated most white sugar from my diet and used alternative sweeteners like maple sugar (super expensive), or evaporated cane juice (not too pricey), or agave nectar (liquid so it's little difficult to adapt recipes), I could have chocolate without headaches.  I also experimented with darker chocolates.  Endangered Species chocolate has a great line of darker chocolates starting at about 70% cacao.

  2. Yummy! We go through chocolate chip cookies like crazy around here. I usually just buy them, but homemade are the best!
    Cute poem!

  3. Sarah Olsgaard1/16/14, 10:28 PM

    I love the poem. I think I may frame it for my own kitchen.

  4. Love chocolate chip cookies, but now that our daughter can't have chocolate (due to migraines) we don't really make them anymore. We do love warm oatmeal cookies though! What a sweet poem.


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