February 1, 2012

Personal Microderm Review & Giveaway

Another amazing giveaway: the PMD Home Microderm Abrasion Device.

I’m not a spa girl. I can count the number of pedicures I’ve had in my life on one hand. So I was pretty nervous about doing a review on something I normally wouldn’t look at, let alone buy.

Here is what comes in the box:

january 2012 003 1

The PMD device, the cord, 6 different discs to choose from, and 2 caps to fit the coordinating disc. AND an 8-minute instructional video, which I would be completely lost without.

I have to tell you, I take awesome “before” pictures. Here is one my SIL Kristine took when we were getting MAC makeovers:

may 2011 004 2There ain’t gonna be no beauty shots in this post folks.

Here’s how it works (from my understanding, using my terms, and totally not endorsed in any way by the company)

Plug it in and choose a disc. The discs are different sizes and grits: the large ones are for larger areas of skin and the smaller ones are for hard-to-get areas, like around the nose. They recommend starting with the blue moderate grit and working up to the green course grit if you need it.january 2012 008 1

The discs are coated with aluminum oxide crystals which will help remove the stratum corneum. What in the heck is the stratum corneum, you ask?

It is the top layer of skin: the flaky dead skin cells that prevent lotions from penetrating deep into the skin and can make your skin look thick and dry. The PMD’s job is to remove the stratum corneum to make your skin look soft and supple:

january 2012 012 1(picture from the instructional video that comes with the PMD)

Place the cap over the disc january 2012 006 1(picture from the instructional video that comes with the PMD)

and start moving it like a vacuum across your skin. It exfoliates and then sucks the dead, white, flaky skin cells away.january 2012 010 1(picture from the instructional video that comes with the PMD)

Then you just remove the disc, wash the filter where all of your tiny, flaky, dead skin goes, and that’s it.

And here I am with my shiny, smooth, PMD’d bare nekked skin. Don’t laugh! january 2012 042 1

You may not be able to tell a difference, but my skin felt super soft & smooth, tingly, fresh, and a tad pink. It’s something I plan to keep up, even though I would have probably never initially dropped the $180 to buy it. My spa insiders tell me microdermabrasion treatments cost $80-$150 a pop, so this would be a great investment if you have it done regularly.

A few things to note:

*DON’T hover over one spot for more than a second or two, because then it will give you baby love bites (hickies?), and it won’t be pretty.

*your skin will be extra sensitive to sun for the first couple of days; be sure to wear sunscreen.

* they tell you to buy the lotions and toners, but I’m perfectly happy with my good old facial moisturizers.

*they recommend no more than once a week in the beginning, and then you can eventually taper off to once a month.

And now it’s time to give one away! To be entered for a chance to win, just tell me: what is your best skin care tip?

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  1. I would love to win this! My skin is so dry. My best tip is to exfoliate regularly! My skin is a disaster if I don't do it twice per week at minimum.

  2. My beauty tip is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.. Exactly what this little thing does. Keeps your skin healthy. Would love to have one because I love the spa but is expensive.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway Melissa :)

  3. I guess my best beauty tip would be to drink between 6-8 glasses of water as day. I know it sounds simple but our bodies are made from 90% water. So if you aren't getting enough water you can definitly tell in the texture and look of your skin.

  4. My best beauty tip is to use a lotion with SPF. Even under your makeup and on cloudy days.

    Thanks for the pics of you...that took guts that I don't have. Lol Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I love my Clairsonic I use it with a glycolic face wash and feel Ike it does a great job!

  6. My best beauty tip is to smile. A warm smile from the heart is more lovely than anything makeup can do. Of course, if you have time for more, I've noticed that an eyelash curler can make a big difference too. :)


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