my interview with Peter Walsh!!

28 April 2010

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know I adore Peter Walsh and all of his organizing goodness. I got to talk to him for about 10 minutes today~he did a series of interviews/chats with bloggers to introduce his new [you.organized] line at OfficeMax.
My baby was down for a nap and the boys were over at the neighbor’s playing, so I was supposed to have peace and quiet, but just as the phone rang, the guys working on the basement downstairs decided to install the dryer vent directly below me and the pounding was so loud I had to run back and forth between the computer and a quiet room. I had lots of intelligent questions written down, but this is what came out. I was so nervous. Do I sound like I’m six years old??

Thank you, Peter! It was such a fun time! Say hi to Oprah for me!
Here are some more tips he sent along for you all:
Workspace Organization Tips & Inspirations from Peter Walsh

· Desktop Organization: There’s no faster way to inspire an immediate change in attitude than with an uncluttered, clear and pristine desk. Think of your desk as a reflection of your head. No matter how creative and brilliant you are, you’ll perform better with an organized desk. You shouldn’t have anything on your desk that isn’t “active,” meaning it still needs to be dealt with.
· To-Do Lists: When writing a to-do list, group alike tasks together such as making calls or running errands to increase efficiency. But avoid getting overwhelmed with your workload by breaking it into small, manageable tasks. Write to-do list items on individual sticky notes and put them on a wall calendar. Rearrange them as your priorities change. At the end of the day, review your checklist and cross off completed items. Move any pending items to a fresh list for tomorrow.
· Paper Clutter: Deal with new papers first. No matter how high the old piles are, begin by devising a system for the new arrivals. Decide immediately what to do with each piece of paper that comes across your desk. Do not postpone these decisions. Paper piles are messy monuments to a long series of small procrastinations. Once you are faithfully dealing with new papers in a systematic way, haul out all unfiled older papers and take them through your new system.
· Filing: Use a vertical file organizer for “active” files. Reserve your desk inbox for items that need to be dealt with pronto. Name your file folders with nouns. Use the ones that first pop into your mind when you need the material. Banish the concept of a miscellaneous file from your life. If something is worth putting in a file folder, it’s worth putting in a folder than has a specific label.
· Binders: For travel, business and leisure create a different binder devoted to your important documents. For example, when creating a travel binder, include pocketed folders to store airline tickets and receipts, a contact section storing important phone numbers, and a location portion highlighting hot spots and destination details.
· Calendars: You might feel like multiple schedules lead to more confusion. For a little planning relief, combine home and work calendars. Simply choose various colors to mark important dates: one for professional tasks and meetings, one for personal appointments, one for social engagements, one for your children’s activities, and so on.
· Cork Boards & Sticky Boards: No need to hang lists, phone numbers and reminders all over your cubicle walls. Instead, create a one-stop message center with a cork or sticky board. Hang your daily to-do list, phone numbers, and a weekly calendar of events and meetings. That way, you’ll have all your need-to-know information in front of you.
· Email: Stay on top of your electronic inbox. Check email when you arrive, and immediately sort each message into an appropriate folder. Even if you don’t have time to deal with the contents of a message or even read it fully, sort it for later action.
· Closing Thoughts: Remember that your desk sends a clear signal about who you are and how you approach your work. You should have an organized desk at the start and finish of every day!


  1. See, I told you the Big O would come a callin' one way or another!!!!:) I am so proud of you!! Peter Walsh would have a hey day with me that is for sure! See you in ONE WEEK!!! Love you!

  2. How exciting! You sounded great. I would be in so much trouble if he ever came to my house. I am much better than I used to be but still need to deal with things right away. He makes it sounds so easy but it's not! What's with Oprah? Are you going to be on?

  3. You sound so professional and great and very very TV-ish, celebrity-ish awesome. :)
    Isn't this cool? You TALKED to Peter Walsh! I LOVE IT!

  4. Melissa, that is so cool!! I love Peter and all his organizing greatness! :) You sounded great, no worries!

  5. Anita~ no way. I'm just joking since Peter is on her show a lot I thought I'd send her a message, since she knows who I am and all :)

  6. Melissa! That was so awesome! I didn't even know you were doing this until I talked to Kerri today. At first I thought it was an interview for Oprah and I spazzed, but getting to talk to Peter Walsh that is so awesome! I really love him, and I love all of his tips, but I thought how do you take care of things right away when you have kids that are demanding your attention first! Wow, I am still in awe you got to talk to him. You are becoming quite the celebrity! Just remember who your favorite sister is. :) You sounded great, though. I miss you and am counting down the days ...

  7. For reals girl!!! You are sooo stinkin cute!!! And you really are a superstar!!! How did you get that lined up??? I think you did super stellar!!! And Peter would be in love with your house girl...that much I know!!! As for moi??? Not so much. hehehehe...and desk looks just like by brain. SUPER SCATTERED!!! Hehehehe...too is what it is!!!

    Love you babe...thanks for sharing! And...say hi to your mom and Oprah for me!!! :) In that order!!!


  8. That is so cool! You did a great job!!!! Wow - I am so impressed!


  9. Wow you must have been in your element :)...those tips are really useful. The funny thing is they all make sense to us yet we need to be reminded all the time lol !

    Thank you for this post,

    Gemma X

  10. How exciting! These are great tips I am starring to use later. I'm in the middle of a big office redo so these will come in really handy. Thanks!

  11. WOW! Good for you!!! Do you feel famous? I feel like I am friend's with a famous girl!

  12. You lucky duckie, you! I LOVE him. I am an organizing feen and love everything that he does.

    Great job!

  13. Never a dull moment, huh? But you sound great!

    Okay, so would you please come to my house and just organize things for me?? Honestly, I feel like I'm hopeless!

  14. How cool was that!! I love Peter! You did awesome! Great questions...I think we all need a little help somewhere in our home...and the office/paper part is always a big one for me. I love your mom's saying too! Great always!!

  15. I love how he said finish the cycle of things, And related it to a washing machine.
    That is the best advice but it is so hard to do, It's such true advice though! (now if I can just get my family to finish the cycle)

  16. I'm sitting at my desk and it is BEYOND a mess...I need to employ some Peter-magic righthitsveryminute!

    Thanks for the fun post :)

  17. Melissa, you did a GREAT job!! :) I love watching Peter whenever he's on Oprah...he has such great advice. I wish he'd come to my house to help me with all my junk! ;)

  18. That was fun to listen to and you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing!

  19. OK...after watching you with Peter...I have said out loud many times today..."Finish the Cycle!" It works! That must of been my problem all along. Loading the dishes-later, folding the laundry-later, opening the mail-later! This was great!

  20. Okay, I'm officially inspired now! It time to start thinking about getting organized in my classroom for the next school year, and this was just what I needed to read! (After all, folks won't be able to see my gorgeous new decorations if everything's covered with papers, notebooks, books, etc.!) Then maybe I'll organize my office at home!


  21. I really enjoyed this post, so much that I linked it to my blog! Great, helpful tips.

    I discovered your blog through Sarah on Cloverlane.
    I have been enjoying it ever since.

    Your blog is wonderful, simple, realistic, and practical.
    It's uncluttered and I can focus on your blog one idea at a time at the right pace. Thank you, thank you.

  22. Oh you sounded just like I thought Melissa!! I'm SOOO glad you had time to do this!!! You were PERFECT!! and I LOVE "it's easier to keep up than to catch up!"

    Great segment!!

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    Carry on the superb work!


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