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30 November 2010

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Here is my Christmas playlist we are listening to as we are decorating:

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Here is what is burning in the warmer:
november 2010 008 1 They are at Walmart in the Christmas section for $2. It smells like a pot of apple cider is brewing all day long. I couldn’t believe how strong it was! Cozy and scrumptious. I went back to get more and had to dig to find 2 more…apparently others like them as well. You can also buy the warmers there…I already had one.
I can’t tell you how much fun the Favorite Things Party was! There was lots of visiting, commenting, and sharing of favorites~you all are the best!
AND….we have a winner of the favorite things package!
fthings winner 1
#59 was Kristina from A Cozy Cup of Tea. She loves Caldrea soap, Heaven perfume, pumpkin cheesecake, vintage finds, and SHOES! :)
fthings winner
Kristina, email me and we’ll get you set up.
Back to Christmas-ing the house~
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Melissa, I love the BH&G scented wax cubes. At this moment I have the Balsam & Cedarwood cube burning in my Scentsy burner. My artificial tree never has smelled so good.:O) I'll have to try the Apple Cider. The cubes really are a terrific product!

  2. I have some of the cinnamon cubes from WM...I can't smell, but my hubs likes it. :) They don't melt all the way in my Scentsy plug-in (the kind that looks like a night light), but it does okay. :)

  3. Can't wait to try those apple cider cubes! Also, do you still need a Kentucky plate?? I have one I can send you!

  4. I found some sugar scented cubes! They are great. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  5. If you like scents, especially seasonal ones, you simply must check out the fragrances at Bath and Body works. They sell the candles and cincentrated room sprays made by Slatkin & Co. that are to die for. The "Winter" fragrance reminds me of Christmas and the "Fresh Balsam" smells exactly like a fresh cut Christmas tree. You will LOVE them and you can buy them online. :) I read your blog and look forward to visiting...please check out mine in your spare time and follow me if you'd like. :)

  6. Congratulatons Kristina! & I'm totally going to check out that scent at Walmart Melissa - Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and enjoy decorating for Christmas! Hearts, Sami Jo

  7. I love the BH&G wax cubes but can't find them anymore at my walmart :(
    I bought some spice cake ones that were out of this world and I'm all out.


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