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October 20, 2014

how to find items you see on Joss & Main

Hello! It’s day 20 of 31 days, how are you doing? I wanted to share a little trick that I use when I see things I love on Joss & Main.  Joss & Main is an online store that offers limited-time sales on furniture and d├ęcor. I love so many items I see on there, I wanted to share a little trick that I learned. Most of the time, they have the best deals -- this is how I check:

1. If you love something, put it in your cart. Then you don’t have to worry about it selling out.

2. Joss & Main uses stock photos, so here is a trick

Let’s look at the Carnaby bed they have on their site right now:

joss main carnaby bed

It’s $430.95 for a queen size. Let’s see if that is a good deal.

3. Right click on the stock picture, and then click on “search Google for this image.”

joss main search picture

Aha, it comes up on Amazon, Target, and Lowes.

4. This also tells us the name of the manufacturer if we want to keep searching -- it’s the Skyline Furniture Surrey bed. Let’s check the prices.find things on joss and main$462 on Amazon, $599 at Target, and $624 at Lowes for the queen.

5. If I loved it, I would figure in shipping and see what my best deal was. For most things, Joss & Main has been least expensive. But I love to know I’m getting the best deal, so I still like to check. :)

Lighting can be tricky. I learned this picking out fixtures for our new home.

Let’s look at the Burke chandelier Joss & Main has sold out of -- it was $310

burke chandelier

I search the image on Google using the above method and find out it is made by Kenroy lighting and is is called the Pannier 9 light chandelier in oil-rubbed bronze. Everywhere on google, it is $432 plus shipping, EXCEPT after a little more digging I found a similar six light on Amazon for $177 with free shipping. It pays to search a little to either find a better deal or to know the one on J&M is a great deal.

A little tip for your Monday. :) Also, a friendly reminder that our Under $10 Under 1 Hour linky party will be up around noon, Mountain time on Thursday:

under $10 under 1 hour fall 2014 party

See you tomorrow!


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