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Hi everyone! Most of you know that I unplugged my computer on Friday for Kimba's challenge. This was really, really good for me. You also know that I've been struggling with the whole balance issue from this previous post. In the last little while, I've been kind of thinking of how much it seems I used to get done. The to-do lists I make these days are just discouraging, because it seems so little gets crossed off. I attributed it to the fact that I have more kids, and of course that plays a role, but on Friday I think my eyes were opened to how much time the computer sucks out of my day. Having it in the kitchen at my little work desk is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is handy and I'm "accessible" to my family, or would like to believe I am, but a curse because it's
right there.

Right there to click refresh to see if I have any new emails or comments, or to just "quickly" check Google reader to see what new, amazing things y'all have put on your blogs. And all those little checking ins take a huge chunk out of my day. I felt so good on Friday as well because I felt like I was in control of my day and what I wanted to accomplish, instead of the computer in charge of me. I couldn't believe how much I'd accomplished by 10 a.m. I felt more tuned in to my kids as well. I was more present and connected to what they were doing and saying because I wasn't so distracted with what was going on in cyberspace.

Was it hard? It was really hard. I think I made it to around 6 p.m. (I just committed to the day, right?) So, yea, I'm a little embarrassed with how addicted I am. But, I've re-committed myself to turning the computer off in the times that I've designated to be computer-free so I'm not even tempted to push "refresh." I'm really wanting to work on this and needed this eye opener. So, thanks, Kimba for the challenge~it was what I needed.
And, speaking of eye openers~ I saw in the Michaels ad this week that their craft boxes are 3 for $5. This is the cheapest I've seen them and you may want to pick up a few~I'll even be showing you a fun little project with them that's kind of "outside the box." Ha ha. I'm a nerd and it's late. Here is the photo from the flyer:
Have a great Monday!


  1. thanks for mentioning the michaels steal. that is a bargain!

  2. I know I shouldn't even be up to see this post, but I am, so I must comment...thanks for sharing, I am glad I got to chat with you as part of your being unplugged! How many of these boxes do I need for your project in addition to the 10 I need to buy for the photos I no longer scrapbook?!

  3. It was a definite eye opener but I don't think I could do a whole day again. Maybe like what you did because the next day I had over 40 emails and that alone ate up a lot of time.
    You did good!

  4. I completely understand the need to remove from the digital world but please... don't go away forever. I am a new fan of your blog and would hate it if you went away! You see, you and I are long lost "It's A Wonderful Life," sisters. I have every line memorized (just from watching it so many times)... it's my favorite too. (It has been since I was 13... that's a long, long time ago.)I am also a huge fan of yard sales,fleas, auctions and deals! My sister and I, who I spent many hours watching IAWL with, make "yard-saling" a vacation. My best friend and I are doing the "longest yard sale" this summer for our girls weekend! Are you going too? Anyway, I love your blog... so keep up the good work! Come see me at my blog sometime too.
    see ya!

  5. I had a great time, as well. It's amazing how your "virtual life" gets in the way of what's really going on!

  6. Good for you for taking Kimba's challenge. I didn't take it this time around, but probably should have. I find that I have to turn my computer off during the day to avoid getting sucked in. I can't say that I make it everyday, but I'm working on it.

    Thanks for the heads up on the boxes at Michaels.

  7. Thanks for your honesty! I know we all struggle with balance thanks for being transparent!

    Girl, I just have to take a second and tell you what a cute work space you have!! I love your creative work hub of your house!

    Thanks for sharing about Michaels!!! I am excited they are getting ready to open a Michaels store that will be only 5 miles away from me instead of approx 20mins drive away!

  8. Look forward to seeing your craft boxy project.

    I didn't disconnect, but do know that it is so easy to get sucked in.

    Good for you for doing that. It is amazing how the time flies. You think you have only been online for 10 minutes and the next thing you know, it's been an hour.

  9. So true! Technology is a blessing and a curse :) I think the main trial in life is prioritizing our time here on earth while we have the chance. But you are in good company. Nothing like a little awakening to help us all be a little better :) Thanks!

  10. I sooooooooo wish we had a Michaels! :)

    Glad your Friday went good! I didn't plan on participating but it ended up that I did. It was nice to get away for awhile. :)

  11. My computer is in the same area and I have the same issues! It is a hard lesson to learn, balancing computer time. Great job. I have been "thinking" about turning the computer off during designated hours each day, but haven't commited. I'm SOOO addicted.

    Thanks for the heads up at Michaels! I think I need a stash.

  12. It is a little scary to realize what a large role cyberspace plays in our lives, isn't it? I needed this challenge too, to put things in perspective.

  13. I am just as bad at this computer thing as you are. I just feel like I get so much motivation and creative ideas from the internet, but I agree it does suck my day away. I might just have to try that challege as well. I just want to tell you that I LOVE your blog, I get so excited when I see a new post. You are an amazing lady and I am sure if we lived close, we'd be good friends. Where do you live anyway? I am in Boise ID with Shandy Vogt (we are in the same ward).

  14. Welcome back Melissa!

    Can't wait to see what fabulous thing you do with those boxes.


  15. So I have to say I am so addicted to your blog I love the cute layout and all your fun ideas so if you don't mind I will be stopping by again and again

  16. Thanks for sharing the deal on those boxes.
    I, too, struggle with balancing my time, and am amazed at the time I spend on the computer. I'm trying to work out a schedule, where my computer time is limited. Wish me luck!

  17. I am stopping by via ASPTL. You made good use of yout time off!

  18. Melissa - I have to tell you...
    I could have written your post word for word! I too, struggle with the pull of cyberspace and the pull of the real world...
    and it really is sooooo amazing how productive I am when the computer is 100% shut down! Like you said, you feel in control of things...
    anyway, just wanted to send my applause to you! I think you are truly an incredible woman!

  19. I LOVE your blog and all the fab ideas you share. We are in the process of buying a house and I really like how you transformed your kitchen. Do you mind sharing with me the name of the paint color you chose for your walls?

  20. I needed to hear this. :) I am glad that I'm not the only one who gets distracted with the computer. :) I am going to turn off my computer for a designated time so that I will focus on the things that need to be done. Thanks for this post.

  21. I didn't participate in the challenge, maybe because my kids are older or maybe because that's my ME time that I truly cherish. (I don't watch TV!) But it sounds like it worked well with everyone who participated. I saw Michael's ad and hope to get over there before they are sold out, as they were last time. (I know, I should've asked for a rain check.)

  22. I love your post and your honesty. It sounds like we're struggling with the same things. I finally moved my computer out of the kitchen area and into the office upstairs. It was just too accessible. Now, I at least get some exercise while I'm running up and down the stairs to check my email. :-)



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