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Hi everyone! I was hoping to have a finished laundry room to present, but I'm not quite there. I'm shooting for next Monday. As always, things seem to take a little bit longer than expected around here :) Hang in there with me!
I wanted to share some paint tips that you shared last week that I love:

Kara said: Here are two tips I used just this morning.
1-If you get interrupted in the middle of a paint job, you can wrap your brush in a plastic bag. When you come back, you can just pull it out and start painting.
2-After you finish rolling on the first coat and are waiting for it to dry, just leave the roller in the tray and wrap the entire thing in a garbage bag. No time wasted rinsing out the darn roller!

Cheri said, :When ever you get paint, pick up an extra paint stick and brush on some paint to the end of the stick, let it dry then on the unpainted portion of the stick write the name of the paint, where you got it, the code, and what room/s you painted that color in. Tie all of your paint sticks together and hang then in the garage and if you ever need to pick up an extra can of paint you will know exactly what you got last time. It is also great for anyne who purchases your home, if they like the colors they know where to go for extra paint.

Gina said: "If you ever have to rush away for a few hours (like a kid breaks a finger...) then wrap the brush and stick it in the fridge. Pull it out when you're ready to paint again (like 2 days later after surgery)."

Rhoda said, "Like Gina, I wrap my paint brush as well as the paint tray in plastic wrap & stick it in the fridge, sometimes for days. Great trick! ...And I don't ever tape off my trim either. I've learned to be pretty handy with those angled brushes."

Fantastic~thanks to all of you!
And a final tip to start your Monday: Michael's has the little foam brushes that are great for touch-ups on sale for 15 for $1 this week~go stock up!

Remember this lovely birdcage?

I simply stripped it down, gave it a coat of black spray paint and let it just be simple.

I put it on top of my hutch in between two fabric storage boxes, both from a yard sale.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great tips and the birdcage looks great!

  2. I have always just wrapped my brush in a wet paper towel only to find it hard after an hour - really just a plastic bag and a fridge?! Great tips and what a transformation on the birdcage!

  3. Great transformation on the birdcage. That thing was hideous before and now it looks fab!

  4. Good tips! I esp. like the one about writing the codes on the stick. I lost some of my paint swatches (!!), but the stick thing would certainly help. :)

    I love the birdcage in black! It looks fabulous. :)

  5. I'm going to start getting some sticks - great idea! We average about 2 months per room and that is just to get the paint up. I think you are doing amazing!

  6. Love the birdcage. It is just gorgeous. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  7. hi love the birdcage! how did you strip it?

  8. The birdcage looks great! I have one I found at a garage sale a while back that has been waiting for a makeover. I really like the simple look of yours... I may need to 'borrow' that idea! ;)

  9. I love it much more black! and where you placed it is GREAT!

  10. The birdcage looks great in black!

  11. birdcage looks great!!!

  12. I will never paint again without doing a paintstick! Best idea ever!! Thanks for that!

  13. love it, love it, love it!

  14. Love the bird cage. Simple is always the best! Thanks for sharing all those tips, too.


  15. Love your blog! Am waiting to see your laundry room! Come see my office! I just started my own blog and am trying to finish my office! There is something about blogging that puts the pressure on getting projects done isn't there!? Looking forward to your next post!

  16. Luv the birdcage!! It looks great on top of the hutch. Hope you can stop by soon. Thanks, Connie

  17. Ohhh it looks awesome! I love the birdcage! Fabulous makeover! Can't wait to see the laundry room! I am doing my kitchen in a similar green!

  18. Hello Melissa - I love your birdcage! It looks great painted black and the bit of "fluff" in there looks so cute. Sometimes the simplest things in life turn out to be the best, right? It looks perfect sitting up on top of your hutch. I really like how you've arranged everything.



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