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Nester is having a Price My Space Party! Love this party because I have the annoying trait that I can remember where I got almost everything in my house and how much I paid for it. I'm so glad others do as well...

Let's take a look at the dining room, aka eat in kitchen space:

Skip to #2: (I put #1 and #5 below)

2. Made an 80's framed print into a chalkboard with a few coats of chalkboard paint. $5 for the framed print at a yard sale, 3.00 for a can of chalkboard spray paint at Walmart. Total: $8

3. Curtains are Pottery Barn's Harrison Stripe. They sell on their site for $69 for each panel, but I found them on Ebay for $29 for the pair. Score! Love the thickness and rich color.

4. Dining Room table~we bought about 6 years ago in Idaho from the classified ads for $450. The oak wouldn't have been my first color choice, but it's solid wood, heavy, sturdy, includes 2 leaves that can make it huge. It's been a perfect family table for us. If I get ambitious, I may give it a new finish one day.

6. The light fixture came with the house. Not the prettiest, but at least it's black and not brass :)

Here's a close-up of #1 and #5:

1. Pottery Barn picture ledges: $10 for both from a yard sale in Idaho. They were white and I spray painted them black.

*the black frames: my sil, Kristine picked them up for me at $1 a piece at a bargain outlet called Market Square in Utah, and they came with the mats!

*the bigger black frames in the middle: one is from a yard sale for $1 and the other from Walmart for $3. I've put pictures of all seasons in the frames so I never have to worry about switching them out.

Total for both ledges and frames: $23

5. Little kitchen corner:

*little white table is from a yard sale~haven't done a thing to it and I love it. $8

*accessories on top of the table:
lamp from a yard sale $1, green enamelware bowl with green balls $10 from some shops in Utah, little picture frame .25 yard sale, and the red and white striped dishcloth was from Ross for 1.99.

* The black ladder back chair is from a yard sale for $5 and the wreath was free from my mom.
Total: $21.24

So, my grand total with furniture and all accessories: $530.21

Not too shabby...
Have a great Monday!


  1. Those are some awesome deals - I love the ladderback chair.

  2. beautiful room and love the chalkboard with the shelves! looks great!

  3. Melissa, I love the look of your dining room and it's great to see that it can be done for not a lot of dough! ;) Great job as always.

  4. Melissa,
    I have a 'thing' for chalkboards. I love that you made it yourself! It has a 'finished' look that I envy. Mine seems to always be in a state of flux!


  5. LOVE it all! Looks like you spent way more!

  6. That is amazing , great deals .

  7. What wonderful deals! I love those picture ledges, they are sooo pretty! And what a great many beautiful things. Well done!

  8. Love your room! The chalkboard is so fun!!! Do your kids go nuts with it? Mine would if they could reach it, but I've caught my toddler eating chalk before, so maybe not. ;) Great prices you had on everything! Visiting from the Nester's party. :)

  9. Your dining area is just gorgeous, and I love the way you have accessorized it. Just beautiful, and you were very thrifty also. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  10. stunning details!

    Love your blog layout too!

    We're helping Natalie's Peace of Mind Fund.

    Check us out.

  11. I love the "#5 corner"--the little table, ladder back chair, and all the details, lovely. Love seeing what can be done without spending too much, great job!

  12. Amazing decorations for a wonderful price...great work! :)

  13. cool. it's fun reading about others rooms. Kelly

  14. Beautiful room....I would paint that table and chairs black....

  15. Your dining room looks just perfect for a family. Those frames and mattes for a dollar were a steal!

  16. I love it! It's very inviting.

  17. Melissa,
    You really scored on the good prices! Love everything!


  18. Love the room......I like the little white table and black ladder back in the corner. I think the light fixture looks great there....I'm about to paint some of my metallic ones black so they will look like that! :)

  19. You did a great job! I love that little corner with the white table and black chair. Such a cute vignette space!

  20. love the chalkboard. it looks great in there. and the shelves with pictures are so cute too.

  21. YOU know how to bargain shop! Wow! I love the corner with the little white table. The contrast of the white and black works great there!

  22. The chalkboard is genius!! Great space!!

  23. You are awesome! That's a great room for a really great price. Love it.

  24. Looks great! And a great price! We paid more for just our table than you did the whole room, and as much as I love it, it's in fairly rough shape. Too soft pine wood. But I try and tell myself its character, just like if I were to find an old farm table, lol.

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  26. LOVE your dining area, girl, it's HUGE compared to mine! That little corner table is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hello Melissa - I love your dining room! You've done a great job decorating. I have been looking for those same PB shelves - they look great on your wall with the photo grouping on there! And I love your chalkboard! Thank you for sharing.


  28. looks great! i love hearing about such great deals!

  29. I love your little corner decor, especially the little table, chair and wreath. :)


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