weekend treasures: November edition

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I'm really not supposed to be stopping at yard sales on Saturday morning.
We're moving next month...
but I can't help it.
We've had beautiful weather here, so the sales are still going strong. I've had the willpower not to intentionally go yard-saling, but when I see that neon sign when I'm driving down the street, my heart jumps and my hands just automatically jerk the steering wheel in that direction. I can't help it!

But look what I found:
* a brand new Ralph Lauren scarf with the knit flag. ($1) It still has the tags on it. I really want to put that flag on a pillow...but that would mean I would have to sew. It may be just the thing that brings kitty out (my sewing machine..you may get to meet her one day!)

*a big, fat mason jar turned into a lamp ($1)~think of all the things this could be filled with!

* a like new pair of brown Skechers for my daughter ($3) (they kind of blend in with the trunk, so they're hard to see...


*Two HUGE framed and matted prints...not interested in the prints necessarily, but am stirring up some ideas for the frames. We don't even know where we'll be living for goodness sake, but these will be coming with us :) How could I leave them for $2 and $3??

I'm going to try to get to my dollar store Thanksgiving project during naptime today, so hopefully I'll have that to show you next.

Have a marvelous Monday~


  1. i have that dog on the bed print - well over a $100 print with matte and frame - still have it up in my laundry room. you found some great deals! we are possibly moving too -exciting and stressful all in one, isn't it?

  2. Great finds! I was itching to go to the flea market this week!can't wait to see your thanksgiving project!

  3. Great finds Melissa. I actually quite like the prints. If they're in excellent shape you might find a space for them.. if not, mail them to me ;)

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  5. You are brave to stop at yard sales, I have been avoiding them and any other store since we are moving in 10 days. I went cold turkey once I knew we had the house. Even Christmas gifts have been put on hold. Good luck with your move.

  6. You have so much energy!! Amazing woman. Thanks for writing or posting or whatever you call it. I really enjoy your blog and have learned much. I'm convinced I have much still to learn.

  7. Good for you! These are great finds!

    A little bit of sewing will do you good, don't you think? Because that flag really does want to be somewhere other than on a scarf, doesn't it?

    Looking forward to seeing your project. Hooray for naptimes! :)

  8. Great finds, Melissa! I'm sure these things will all fit in somewhere in your new home! I got some frames at Goodwill this weekend myself. I like to keep some extra on hand for projects that hit me on the spur of the moment.

  9. Hmmm, maybe I should have a yard sale?

  10. Me too! Those signs draw me in everytime, even when I wasn't going to go. I posted some goodies today too.

  11. You might wanna Ebay that Print, its been hard to find for some. We have it !!!

  12. I think you have a find in that print!

  13. Love that scarf!! :) I went to an indoor church sale with my girls and my SIL on Saturday. Rainy and cold!!! We opted to sit in the car before they opened the doors...no standing in the rain with the other hopefuls. ;)

  14. Yardsales are everywhere here! I am not supposed to stop either, lol. Ive done good so far!


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