courage for the week 2.5.11

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bennion learn

I shared it last year, but it’s good enough to post every year…


  1. Love it! I am talking to the children at church tomorrow about gratitude, this would work perfectly! Thanks for sharing again!

  2. Thank u! I especially needed last week's. I'm terrible at bedtime too :(

  3. I so agree, it's the simple things that make you happy in this world:0

  4. Love it... love it... love it.

    Now I just need to tattoo it to my forehead

  5. I Love it! What a great poem.

    I am still working on the first one and the very last one on the list... :) Ha,Ha


  6. So perfect and one to remember. I did an Audrey Hepburn quote that is worth reading on my blog yesterday!


  7. So so true Melissa ! What a delightful message to read today and a fantastic reminder of what is truly important ~ enjoying the simple things and the journey.


  8. Thank you :) we all needed to be reminded of these things. I'd like to 'borrow it' this week and will come back and leave you the shout out address!

  9. I'm loving all the quotes/poems you're sharing! Thanks:) And just in case you have a spare moment--what's the font you're using? LOVE it! If it's your own handwriting, I have serious envy!!

  10. I have been loving your courage for the week posts-its so nice to be reminded of the truly important things when I'm whipping myself into a frenzy around blogland:) And by the way, I realized a little while ago that I grew up with your sister-in-law Kristine! My mom was married to her Dad's nephew(?)and we lived less than a mile apart for almost all my growing-up years. Love her! Anyway, thanks for the Courage!

  11. Such fantastic written words. I've never read that before, but it's so nice and something we should all learn to do, if we don't already. Thank you for sharing!


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