courage for the week 3.6.11

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spring fever

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  1. What a fantastic quote. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Nice quote, I like Mark Twain's creations. Keep up the good work.
    Darvon Recall

  3. Marykayegoodman1/18/14, 8:49 AM

    I love your picture. I would love to print it. Any chance you can email it to me? [email protected]

  4. I love, I simply love that picture! (That and celery root. JK! Emma.....anyone? :))

  5. Is this from your front yard? Beautiful, like I posted today only 15 more days until Spring officially, right? Have a great week

  6. Jen @ Notes From the Heartland1/18/14, 8:49 AM

    Oh spring....are you out there somewhere!? Please visit Iowa soon.

  7. Mr. Twain captured my heart thoughts in that quote. Too perfect! Your photo compliments it beautifully.

  8. I have some serious spring fever, I put out my spring wreath over the weekend and can hardly wait to get digging in the yard.

  9. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 8:50 AM

    No, it was on the way to preschool last spring...

  10. Allenaimphotography1/18/14, 2:22 PM

    oh yessss...serious spring fever! I am constantly walking around feeling the ground for little shoots popping their heads up...probably compacting the ground, but can't help it!!


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