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do all cozy coupes run on grass?question 2

why are elevator alarms right at their level??question 4 1

gray or grey?question 6
where are their parents?Max & Ruby

stem up or stem down?question 3

why does other laundry always smell better? Laundry room
Do you want to change your fabric softener after smelling your neighbor’s dryer vent as you walk by?


  1. Omg, can't believe someone else envies thy neighbor's laundry. Too funny! And I was recently set straight here: :)

  2. I met Rosemary Wells lastt year and she said that Max and Ruby are based on the true adventures of her two children. Rosemery Wells was a working mom, so that's why she wasn't around . She didn't say where the dad was, but you may note that at least grandma is often aroind. We just love Max and Ruby at our house.

  3. I always have wondered about the grey/gray thing.  Even more so now that I want to paint my bathroom grey/gray!  I always wonder about the kids'  shows that have no parents around, ever...

  4. Hilarious! And all of it...oh so true!

  5. Hilarious!  I've often thought that of Max and Ruby...where are mom and dad?

  6. Blueeyedmercy1/8/14, 6:29 PM

    Honestly, too lazy to read all the comments to see if someone has said this anywhere...

    Grey is lighter than Gray on a color scale...grey is more silver related where gray is a lighter hue of black.

  7. Great Questions!! The dryer comment made me laugh because this just happened to me yesterday!

  8. Melissa Rice1/16/14, 10:41 PM

    2 things a cozy coupe is about the same size as a smart car and i guess both can be considered a go for "green"! and my SIL's married name ended up Grey and i still don't know if it is Grey or Gray?  i just know her husband said to me "do you think you will ever learn to spell our name right?" hmmmmm!

  9. Too funny!  And yes, where are Max and Ruby's parents.  My son insists on watching at least one or two episodes every. single. day.  :-)

  10. Cndhutcheson1/16/14, 10:56 PM

    I want to know about Max and Ruby's parents. It drives me crazy-that and why doesn't Caillou have hair?

  11. That's awesome- our family often wonders how many others are curious about max and ruby's parents. Seriously, WHERE are they???? Love grey (also love colour, but being american spell it color *sigh*) Def yes about others laundry. You actually know where your fruit are???

  12. I have wondered that about elevator alarms. . .many times!

  13. I have never commented and I guess I am choosing to do so now because this was so funny!  And so true!  I love your ideas and tips.  Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Christine Newbegin1/16/14, 11:05 PM

    Came here via pinterest...  I just had to comment because my 27 mo old daughter and I were watching max & ruby today and I thought the same thing - the grandmother is always around, but where the heck are the parents?!?!?

  15. Lee-Anne Akis1/16/14, 11:05 PM

    Grey..but I'm Canadian and I know you American's like to be rebels lol
    And YES...I'll even find out exactly what soap/softener they use and try it still doesn't smell as good!


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