courage for the week 8.5.12

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  1. Natalie Cox1/8/14, 8:07 AM

    This one is SO hard.  There are so many good things!  Every night I lay in bed and ask myself if I placed my priorities in the right place for that day.  It's the difference between going to bed feeling bad about my efforts as a wife and mother, or at peace with my day. 
    This is going up on my bathroom mirror!


  2. This is truly great! To often we over see what is important and efforts are spent on the less rewarding parts of life. I love that you do courage for the week! When I first started my blog I had the idea to do weekly words of wisdom which I try to post Mondays! 

  3. Truly great advice! I just posted on how I am struggling defining who I am and I am so grateful I came here and read this! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Amen to that!  And I so agree with more than ever I think we need a wake up call.


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