the awesome entry light that didn’t work

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So. I saw Emily’s light in her office and loved what she did (LOVE her whole office actually),
so when I saw the same one at a local thrift store for $15, I gasped. And thought about where I could use it in our new house.
The entryway! I already knew it would look great with a coat of paint because I had seen the finished product. How often does that happen??
brass light makeover
entryway light brass makeover

But guess what I didn’t take into consideration?? Our entryway only has 9 ft ceilings and so anyone close to 6 ft tall would bonk their heads on it. Arrrrgggghhhh.
I was so sad. So there it sits and I need to come up with something else PRONTO. The other light fixtures are already hung on the higher ceilings…if anyone local is interested in it, email me! I want to see it go to a good home. gone!
spray painted lantern
This one was going in the pantry, but I may need to paint it and make it work here. Good rule to live by: measure before you spend 3 hours taping a light fixture off and painting it.
other option light
I’ll share some of my favorite entryway light options tomorrow that I also considered, but my lighting budget is depleted, so we’re going to make something else work.
Happy Tuesday~
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Julia! I'm hoping it will work :)

  2. I would like the light if it isn't gone yet.....

    1. Light has already been spoken for, sorry.

  3. the (lighting) story of my life - we have 8ft ceilings so I have pretty much given up on finding lighting inspiration via blogs. boob lights, here I come! hopefully you can sell the painted one :-)

  4. Oh I have done that too! No high ceilings in our house. Makes me sad.

  5. Light is gone -- thanks, everyone!

  6. Your new home looks so beautiful! I love the paneling too? Is it real wood? I'm looking for paneling for my walls and it seems like the stuff at big box stores is so rough. Any tips? :) thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley -- it's not real wood. We used 1/4" mdf cut into about 6" strips. Brittany gives an awesome tutorial here -- she used 3/16" plywood subflooring if you're going for more of a wood, rustic look:

    2. Thanks!!! I'll check it out :)

  7. I actually love the pantry light every bit as much as the other one--it will look great! LOVING the sneak peek at your new house...can't wait to see the rest of it!

  8. Your entry way looks great! I love the front door, side lights and the French doors. Good luck on the lighting situation.


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