make your own car freshener

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diy car freshener

These are simple, lovely gifts to give or to make for your own car to freshen it up a bit.
I used cinnamon sticks (these were from the dollar tree), some marshmallow fireside scented oil from bath & body works (any essential oil would work), and some eucalyptus cuttings. (found at craft stores, even walmart has it)

make your own car freshener

drop some oil onto the cinnamon sticks,use cinnamon sticks -- oil -- eucalyptus 
tie it all together in some tulle -- or you could use those organza bags people use for jewelryuse tulle to tie it all up

Stick it under your seat and love getting back into your car!
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  1. So clever and natural!

  2. Melissa,

    What a cute, simple idea! I love it! And heaven knows we moms need all the help de-stink-ifying our cars we can get. Thanks for the great tip!



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