16 Great wallpaper options under $100

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16 great wallpapers under $100

When I was on the search for wallpaper for our upstairs bath, I found it discouraging and difficult to find great wallpaper under $100! So, I put on my best Pinterest, google, and mom search skills to find some great options that won’t break the bank.  As you can see, these are from stores all over, I don’t have a favorite.

My advice would be to find a pattern you love, then google the pattern name to see what company has the best price. They often stick you with shipping and handling fees, so take that into consideration. Some also come in different colors of the same pattern. Also, be sure to check if the price if for a single roll or double roll.

Here you go!

1. York Ashford Hourglass

2. Prescott - Green

3. Carey Lind whimsical garden. Carey Lind has many affordable patterns that I loved, especially the watercolors collection and Vibe collection

4. Sherwin-Williams has some great options! You have to order in-store though.

5. Layla Faye daisy chain small

6. Schumacher Haruki Sisal Water Blue

7.  Lowes allen + roth taupe peelable wallpaper

8. self adhesive vinyl wallpaper on Etsy -- lots of different patterns/colors here

9. Folksy by Layla Faye

10. Carey Lind Vibe

11. Carey Lind Large Lattice

12. Whistle Dots by Layla Faye

13.  Lowes allen + roth peelable white and silver

14.  Ashford Geometrics by Ashford House

15. Graham & Brown Isabelle Blue

16. Hinterland We Had Everything

Happy Wall-papering!


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