Silver (and brown) Bells...

04 December 2007

I found these bells at the Dollar Tree and thought they were so cute (and the right price!) There were nine in a package, so I bought four and have just filled clear glass containers in various spots throughout the house. They also had brown ones hanging from door hangers that I cut off and used on miniature trees. I love the dollar store~except as my SIL Kristine always says, it should be called the twenty dollar store, because who really spends one dollar there?? :)


  1. So cute!! You have always had a knack at the dollar store. You used to tell me things you found there in Logan and I would go shortly after and all cute things had mysteriously disapeared. Good work!!!

  2. I loved all the pictures!! And yes, I too would love it if you would send a copy of the picture of Heber and I and owen, and the one of Owen and I :P pretty please!!! Oh and I loved seeing all of you at Thanksgiving! You are such a fun person to be around! I loved playing with Spencer, and joking with Lauren!!

  3. I never find cute stuff like that at the dollar store!!

    Love those bells!!!


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