16 August 2008

We have never had much luck with a garden, but this year has been good to us! Logan planted this corn and was so proud of how it turned out! He loves to show everyone his corn:
This is what it looked like when we moved in:

We've put a shed and a garden there, and were welcomed by these when we got back from our vacation:
Yay for our first successful garden!


  1. Looks like Logan needs to join Braden and run my dad's farm in a few years!! I would love to take you up on the dinner and enjoy some of your fresh produce!:)

  2. Sounds like your trip to DC was fab.!! I also love time to put on all my makeup. I only do it one day of the week-Sunday. Wow-I'm amazed at your garden. Mine has done horribly this summer. I got mad at it the other day and have quit watering it...It's actually done better. Go figure!
    Darling kids, blog, and house. I love blogs so that I can catch a glimpse into your Texas life.


  3. Yum! It makes me hungry just looking at all of that delicious food. I'm a chicken about planting a garden but I think that next year will be the year we start. Hannah has been BEGGING for us to plant one.


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