saturday morning treasures

30 August 2008

I love Saturday mornings in the fall...because they mean yard sales! The air is cool, the sun is coming up, there is hardly any traffic, and there is the excited anticipation of what you might find as you venture out. The kids are still sleeping, I've got my little route all ready to go, and my change in my pocket. I have some areas that I love to go to~they are older homes, but great neighborhoods and have the best stuff! The first 2 are bombs, but the next two are great. Here are some of my treasures:
an amco heavy duty apple cutter: .50

a sweet dress for miss Lauren: .50

a cute tin (my greenery) .50 a magazine basket for the bathroom to hold Real Simples and of course, Flush the Potty book: $2.00

some almost new Stride Rites for Hailey: $2.00 I love these shoes~they wear so well, and especially when I can find them at this price!

Here is the little corner in my kitchen:
The sassy little lamp was only $1 because two of the little metal shade holders were broken, but a little hot glue fixed them right up. The base was gold, but a quick coat of black spray paint took care of that. The little table I fell in love with~the shape, the handles~it was $8. I may paint it a fun apple green~we'll see. It's a perfect little storage area for my chalk & eraser and a few cookbooks. The chair next to it was forest green, until I took the can of spray paint to the wooden parts. I got it last week for $5. The wreath was rescued from my mom's yard sale pile last year. (thanks, SHUZ!) The rest is stuff I had around. I love how far less than $20 can take you at yard sales, especially when the shoes alone would have been $50 brand new. Thanks for letting me share my finds!


  1. Dang scored!!! I LOVE that lil white cabinet and that chair!!! All that stuff is darling and I would have bought every single on of those things in your lil kitchen corner!!!

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. you are such the little yard sale diva! I can never find good stuff! But I guess that's what I get for only going once in a blue moon. Maybe I should use your example and get motivated and check out some of the yard sales here! I might get lucky!

  3. You are so good at yard sales. I always think of you whenever I get the chance to go! But I wish you were here with your keen eye to help me!

  4. Wow, great finds. I love your little corner. Your house also looks like it came out of a magazine. Everything looks so inviting. You should just start your own magazine I'm thinking. I'd buy it.

  5. I love this little corner of your kitchen!

    I found a similar table at a yard sale for $5 and now it is in my sisters LR. I am sending her a link to your blog so she can get ideas for painting her table!


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