my cvs obsession continues...

30 September 2008

First of all, if you don't have a CVS, let me take a moment to mourn for you
You don't have to read any further. I think I will have withdrawals if we move somewhere that doesn't have one.
If you do have a CVS, mine had all of their croc-type shoes 90% off, so the kids ones were 79 cents and the adults were 99 cents. I stocked up on every size for boys from baby on up to 8 yrs old. I'm going to have 3 little boys, and my boys live in these for most of the year here, so I went to town! My little boy had a pair from CVS this summer and they have held up so well. They are called "Doggers" and are the best pair of non-brand name crocs we have found. They are antibacterial and odor resistant too. Like I need to be selling you on them, they are 79 pennies! :)
Look how sweet and tiny...

You may want to call first so that you don't waste precious gas driving all around. One of my stores was only 75% off , and the other was 90%. You may also want to be on the lookout for Hannah Montana and High School Musical school stuff~that was also 90% off. Good luck!


  1. Oh I am SOOO going to check out our CVS which is in walking distance! I hope they are on sale!!

  2. Holy Doggers!!! You are pretty stocked up I would say!!!

  3. Great tip! I don't think we have CVS here in Denver, but for those prices I will look into it! Have you ever put your crocs in the dishwasher or washing machine? Just wondering how well they hold up to cleaning...

  4. That photo with allthose little crocs all lined up in a row...too cute for words! And my favorite line..."If you don't live near a CVS let me mourn for your." Hee-hee. Thanks for sharing. : )

  5. Oh man, I need to go to CVS and see if they have any in pink!

    I just saw your comment asking about the color green in my daughters room. It is the absolute best color (my hubs picked it out ~ he always does good!). I will go look for the color and see if I can find it. I know we bought it at Benjamin Moore and I'm sure we've got it around here somewhere.

  6. awesome!!!!! score for you girl!

  7. Mandy, I found you some navy ones for the boys!

    Carrie, I haven't. I usually just spray them down with the garden hose and call it good, lol.

    Victoria, thanks so much for finding me that paint color. We're debating between a soft green or yellow.

  8. Hey we stumbled upon your blog through another ward member - Congrats on the new baby coming! We are actually also expecting another little boy at the end of January :). Hope all is well with you guys - Melissa you have the best ideas for home decorating - I may have to steal some of them!

  9. I have been looking for clearance crocs everywhere!!!!!!! My boy has a wide foot and it's about the only thing he can wear!! THank you! I'll be hitting up every CVS!!!!



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