Fall Festivities

28 October 2008

We have been busy enjoying fall festivities over the weekend and into Monday. We did a little of this:

And ate more of these:
While we watched this:

We went to our church fall festival with a washing machine, a witch, Kit (American Girl), Harry Potter, Cinderella, and a very unhappy tiger:

I love this time of year and get as excited as the kids with all of the autumn traditions!

I also want to say thanks so much to Victoria & Christina at As Time Goes By, Heather over at Our Cozy Nest, and Carrie at Buzzings of a Queen Bee for their awards! These are very talented women whose blogs I love to visit~thank you, thank you!

For this one, I'm supposed to post this and then pass it on:

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!”

I'm too tired tonight to pass it on to 8 people, so is it okay to pass it on to 3?? Less is more, right? I'm never going to get another award because I'm already breaking the rules.
I am passing it to:
my friend Amanda~she was one of my college roommates and everything she touches is so tasteful, simple, and uncluttered~her life is like that. I love her blog and her!
I love the girls over at Our Best Bites. Not only do they have yummy, do-able recipes for people like me, but they are witty and down to earth. Take a peek and you will be hungry in seconds.
My friend Lynette, who's tag I just got to below. I can't wait for her to build her house because she is queen of decorating. She is a professional and let me play with her when she decorated Parade of Homes houses. They are renting right now, but she has got taste and has influenced a lot of mine. Hopefully she'll show us some of her Christmas decor~this girl goes ALL out. I love it. Plus, she's Canadian and can always make me laugh with some of her crazy videos and pictures she posts. What's not to love?

I'm supposed to list 7 things that make me happy:

*when the kids are all in bed, the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher is running, and the light above the stove is on
*Saturday mornings when I have "me time" time all to myself to yard sale or do whatever
* Sunday afternoon naps
* my kids' laughs
* watching a old episodes of the Office with my husband with popcorn and orange julius
*the last swipe or spray of a fresh coat of paint
*Snickers Almond~I am eating one now that I dug out of my kids' trunk or treat stash!
My good friend from Idaho, Lynette tagged me forever ago to tell 6 (or is it 7?-oh well.) quirky things about me, and my sister, Kristin just tagged me with that also, which made me remember Lynette's, so I'm doing it right now! Sorry it's taken so blasted long, Lynette!
1. I say "rabbit" on the first day of every month as early in the morning as I can remember. It gives you good luck for the whole month, or so my 8th grade English teacher told us. I have done it ever since and have my kids doing it now. I hate ever being late with it.
2. I hate to be tickled! My husband always asks me if I was traumatized when I was little or something by tickling, lol. I wasn't but I just don't like it. It doesn't feel good, but you laugh because it tickles, and then the person takes that to be, oh, she must want to be tickled more. Arrrgggghhhh
3. I love power tools. We don't have many, but there's some little high that I get from a screw going in perfectly straight, quick, and exactly flush with the wall or a power saw cutting through a piece of wood. I also love Lowes and Home Depot and just walking through the aisles looking at stuff (and getting ideas!) Sometimes after yard sales on Saturday mornings, I'll just stop at one and look at paint, wander through aisles, etc.

4. I love the news on TV and weather. Do I sound like your Dad yet? lol I try to always watch the little news clip at 8:00 on the Today Show after I drop the kids off at school to get a quick cap of the headlines of the day. I love the Nightly News with Brian Williams, and I am in love with accuweather.com I am always looking at the 15 day forecast to see what's in store and to see what the weather is like where my family lives too.
5. I love spelling too. I was traumatized in the 5th grade at the school spelling bee, there was another girl and I left, and I misspelled "privilege." I will never, ever miss that again. My claim to fame with spelling was in the 6th grade when we had a substitute and we were being pretty bad for him. He took away our afternoon recess and we were begging him to give it back, and he said only if someone could correctly spell his name on a piece of paper and turn it in. He hadn't written in on the board, but I correctly spelled Mr. Martineau and we all got our recess! I am probably the only one that remembers this, but it was a good day :)

6. I like my throw pillows arranged a certain way on my couches and it really bothers me when people sit on top of them!! I usually just move them out of the way when we have company over, or if someone is already sitting on top of one, I just say, "here let me get that out of your way." They are not for sitting on, or putting your greasy head on, they are just to look pretty, fluffy, and add some pattern and color to the room, and "throw" out of the way when you sit down, hence the name. Thank you.
7. I also really like clipping my kids' nails after baths and cleaning out their ears. I don't know why~I know it's gross. My kids have some of the waxiest ears you've ever seen and I love seeing what I can get out. I'm probably going to damage their eardrums because I use the q-tip instead of the "washcloth in the outer canal", but hey, if they have clean ears and I get a little high at the same time, I'm going to do it.
Okay, there you have it. I'm kind of weird. You may never come back!

But you have to come back to see my grand idea for those little 3 legged tables you may have hiding around the house or see at yard sales or Goodwill ALL of the time. It's brilliant. :)


  1. loved this post Melissa!!! so fun and full of lots of good insights into your life!!
    ok.. I have to say that I made those doughnuts tonight for my VT people! it was soooo easy and SOOOO YUMMY!!
    loved the costumed pics and the one of the tractor up top is awesome!!!
    you are simply amazing!! :)

  2. Love your pictures especially the family pics with the sunset in the background! You have a beautiful family! I also love cleaning out ears. I had this obsession since I was 10 years old. I hate dirty ears. I'm not allowed to cut my kid's nails because I had a little bleeding incident with my son when he was a baby. Since then I have been banned from cutting their nails. This is my husband's job:)

  3. Isn't this time of year the funnest? You just can't beat fall festivals and going to pumpkin patches! I think you all are really lovin' those yummy donuts? I am goint to have to pick up some biscuits this week so we can make some! I don't like people sitting on my throw pillows either! :)

  4. Looks like tons of family fun! We LOVE Charlie Brown here also. We borrowed the Pumpkin Patch book from the library a couple of weeks ago and have read it numerous times. I want to buy it on DVD so the kids can watch it too. Charlie Brown reminds me of being little.

    By the way, your girls looks so much alike. They also look a lot like you.

    Oh, the donuts look really yummy.

  5. Love your family picture and the washing machine costume! Very creative!

  6. How fun to get to know more about you! You have such a cute little family! That washing machine costume is so darn clever- love it!

    I don't think I ever officially told you thank you for sending me those sharpee's. I had to hide them away b/c my kids were so excited when they saw them & my daughter the artist would have written on the walls for sure! That was such a nice give away- thank you!

  7. Your weekend looked like a lot of fun. I love this time of year too and all the fun traditions that go with it. It was fun to read about you and get to know you better!

  8. I love those donuts! I totally have your blog bookmarked so I can try them sometime. Congrats on your awards! :)

  9. Holy cow I LOVE that washing machine costume. I might have to steel that one for myself!!!

  10. I am so with ya on the ear thing. If I do not q-tip my ears every morning I feel disgusting!

  11. Love the post! Great pictures. I have ear issues for one of my quirks too! Lots in common actually, I guess that is why we are more than just sisters! Love you!


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