weekend treasures

14 October 2008

Here is what I came away with! Now, this is from the past 2 weekends, so it wasn't just one amazing day. I did get the little green beat up table and can't wait to show you how it turned out. I also caved and got that baby swing, but now am having second thoughts. Do I really need a deluxe swing like that? All of my other kids have gotten along fine with just the basic back and forth one. I'm thinking I may just Craigslist it and be more happy with the money. What do you think?

I did not get the bed, either. {sniff} It was a full size, I don't have a place for it right now, and as I was debating back and forth in my mind, a lady came up and said she wanted the bed. That made me want it even more. I've learned at yard sales to go with your first instinct, say you'll take it, walk around and look some more and think it through and you can always change your mind. Oh well. There are plenty of other things that I could have gotten, but I am really trying to be a good girl and stay in our budget with my money and not have my house too cluttered. Notice I said *too*~I'm afraid my husband might ban me from yard sales if I bring home any more "projects"! I feel like I need to take advantage of these yard sales before the winter drought comes though.. Okay, enough rambling! On to the other treasures:

Big glass antique jar: $1

Some Christmas goodies: .25 for the greenery, $1 for the cute ball lights, and $1 for the white berry wreath garland thing.

* Some cute daisies in a not so cute vase: $1 I'm thinking for spring in a tin or in my girls' room....hmmm
* the fall purse! I am loving it. It's the perfect size for me and has all the right compartments $1
* the cutest lantern lamp you ever saw for my boys' room $1
* some cute shabby chic light blue Kenzie wedges $2
* a soft light blue throw for our room $1
* can you see the empty frame with the hooks on the floor? The lady said she used to have a mirror in it, but it broke, so she sold the frame for $2. I'm thinking in our makeshift mudroom as a bulletin board...

* cute green bulletin board with some nasty fabric that will be replaced ASAP: .25
*vintage (they're not super old, but old enought to look old, lol) silver balls: $1
* an old baseball: .25 (I love finding these!)
*some alphabet letters: .25
* a frame with the tag still on from Hobby Lobby: $2
So, my grand total for everything in these pictures is $17
Little green table: $3
Deluxe aquarium swing that I'm still debating about: $15
Total: $35 I'm thinking if I sold the swing, I could have it all paid for....


  1. Wow, you really scored some awesome deals! I wish I had a yard sale buddy like you.

  2. You found some great deals. $15 for the swing is a good deal. They are around $100 brand new. My kids all had the basic swing. They never lasted too long in it because at about 5 months they would grab the side bars in mid swing. Great bargains. I loved that bed. If I had a double bed I would just make my girls share for a while. They are only 4 and 5. It would have been cheaper than buying two twin beds.

  3. The girls in my ward are CRAZY about this swing! I am not kidding! They say their kids sleep the night in it! The only disadvantage is the bar in the middle if you swaddle. You always could use it for a the first bit and if baby doesn't like it--list it! Either way you will make your money back when you are done. JMO!:)

  4. Just so you know, that's the swing I used with my kids and they loved it. I passed it on to my sister who is currently using it. It's made it 5 years and is still going strong. However, if you don't need why keep it?

    I can't believe the awesome deals you got? How do you find such nice things for such great prices?! I think I live in the wrong area for yard sale steals. That lantern lamp is SO cute. I love it. And only for $1.00?! Wow!

    Take care!

  5. You do find awesome things at garage sales! It was so funny to read that winter is the time when garage sales end where you live. Winter is our time to play here in Az! :) I say keep and try out the swing. I always have buyers remorse when I buy things, even if its an awesome deal!

  6. That's the swing I have for my daughter and she LOVED it. I love that it swung from side to side. It was very soothing to her and she used it until she was 9 months old. You seriously got a great deal on it. But if you don't need it, you can DEFINITELY make your money back on craigslist.

  7. Hey you--I don't usually leave comments but feel that I am completely obligated to Fisher Price to comment on the swing. I got one off of Craigslist for 35.00 (I am not as clever as you in the money department). Anyways, Ryan is currently in it right now. That blessed swing was sent from heaven just for me. It is amazing. My other two kids didn't love the swing however it was a regualar back and forth one. So, for me the countless hours of a content baby are well worth it. I find myself often having to turn it off so he will wake up to eat. For me, it is a lifesaver. I love, love your blogs. You are my coolest friend. ---Liz and Ben Taylor

  8. Okay, so I think I will keep the swing, lol! I may just be blessing all of your names here in a few months for talking me into it. I guess I could just sell my basic one, huh?

  9. Oh, about the bench. I have seen them where the headboard or footboard is the back and legs. Then a piece of wood serves as the bench part. Try this link http://empressofdirt.blogspot.com/2007/03/making-garden-bench-from-old-bed.html.

  10. Great bargains! I personally have that same baby swing and I do love it...but I agree, at some point a swing is just a swing. :)

  11. Can't believe I have never been here before...a girl after my own heart ...you garage sale like crazy...you love "its a wonderful life"...one of my all time faves...I even have an old sign that says that...love jimmy stewart...I will def. be back. cherry

  12. I love the jar and lantern lamp! Great finds!

  13. I found your blog through Will and Maryn's. My husband, David Heath, grew up in Ohio with Hyrum and Will.

    ANYWAY, I love your blog!! We're also on a grad student budget, but I still like to have a cute house :) Your ideas are fantastic!! But I have a question. . . . How do you decide which yard sales to go to? Whenever I get up the energy to go, it seems like I always pick the duds. Do you look them up in the paper, just watch for posters on the side of the road, Craigslist?!?

  14. I wish I could find treasures like that! When I have been to yard sales it is mostly junk! I guess that I need to go to different areas to be sucessful!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I want to go garage sale-ing with you where you live. What you bough would cost me about $50 here!

    Keep the swing. Our plain one died after 2 boys so we bought the full price fancy one For $119 when our daughter was born 8 months ago. Had I know how much she loved it and would use it, I would've paid double. Serious. It's that great!!


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