I need a t-shirt....

17 November 2008

It needs to be x-large and say the following:

I am due January 8

Yes, I have my hands full.

This is my fifith. Yes, that's right, my fifth. 1-2-3-4-5.

Yes, I will have my hands full.

Is this our last? Since it's completely your business you should know we're trying to catch up to Jon & Kate and the Duggars. We really want our own reality show.

Yes, we are brave and yes, we're very excited.

No, you may not touch my belly.

Yes, I'm sure it's not twins.

That's right, I still have a month and a half to go.

No, I don't have a name picked out yet.

That's a nice name, I'll have to keep that in mind.

Yes, the kids are really excited.

Yes, I do have my hands full.

That way, I don't have to say anything, I can just point to the shirt.

Except for today at church, someone said, "You look pregnant."

What am I supposed to say to that? It's like when you get your hair cut and someone says,

"you got your haircut."

or another favorite of mine is

"you look tired."

Nothing else.

What do you say??

Can you tell I'm an ornery, cranky pregnant lady today? I know most people mean well and are just trying to make conversation, but it gets soooooo old.

What are your favorite things people say to you/have said to you when you're pregnant?
What else do I need on my shirt?


  1. The next time someone tells you you look tired tell them, "I am, do you want to come watch my kids so I can take a nap?" ;D

  2. I think my favorite is when my friend mentioned to an acquaintance that she was pregnant with her third and the friend awkwardly asked, "so are you excited about that or not?" She wanted to yell, "would I be telling you about it if I weren't excited?"

  3. I just found you last week and enjoyed this post. I have 4 kids (ages 5 years to 4 weeks) so I completely relate and have heard all of these recently. I have 3 boys and a girl so I'm hearing a lot of "she'll be the princess!" I also hear "at least you got it all over with quickly."

    I've even had a few wonder how we make it financially with me not working and so many kids. Hmmm... that would be called self-control, delayed gratification and a B.U.D.G.E.T.

  4. I know you don't know me personally but, I love your blog. I live in Georgia... 100johnsonjuice is our blog...I found you when you commented on my daughters rick rack on her curtains.

    I so remember those days...I had twins number 3 & 4. Everyone had to comment and tell me about who they knew that had twins. Then when they were born everyone stopped us when we were out with the same thing. The best was when I would be grocery shopping and they would be crying. They weren't happy babies and someone was always crying. I would just need some milk and cereal for the rest of us to eat. I didn't get out much...the old ladies would say your babies are crying and stand in my way. Like I didn't know that?! I would want to scream yes I know can you get out of my way please so I can get out of here! Then they woud ask 100 questions (usually personal)and look at me as if I were a horrible Mother for taking them out to the store. Ah, maybe the rest of us needed something to eat everyonce in awhile...or that this poor Mom of 4 children needed to get out of the house for some fresh air. My husband worked 2 jobs to get us through at that point and wasn't around much trying to move up the corporate later to the great job. I would just grin with a smirk and stare them down. I also would hear you must have a lot of patience...still get that one...my children can answer than one now. Just because you have a lot of kids doesn't mean you have patience...if anything I feel like a ticking time bomb that just trys to keep her cool in public. I guess I put on a good show:)

    Then surprise number 5 came real quick...not sure when that happened! LOL I was in shock and didn't tell anyone for awhile...I didn't know how I was going to do it! Can you imagine the questions people asked? I felt like people looked at me like I was stupid and didn't know what birth control was...I would have to explain I was on birth control and it sometimes fails! LOL Again I would have to get too personal and think why am I having to say this to someone I don't reall know. We truly felt our youngest was just meant to be despite our plans for 3 kids that turned into 5! You can imagine the looks I got with twin babies and then being Pregnant. Don't forget about my other 2 youngsters with me too. I had 3 kids in less than a year and half! 5 kids under the age of 7! People would say and sometimes still say...I don't know how you do it...ah, do I have a choice? I think they think that is a compliment but, really it's not!

    It gets better I promise but, don't mind all the looks you get when you are out and about...just ignore them:) Oh, and all that hard work of my husband working 2 jobs has paid off with just 1 great job and is now home more often. We have fixed the problem of having more kids too...I hope anyways:) I can't handle more kids but, I know lots of friends that can! So hang in there it will get better...Life is fun isn't it:)

    Sorry for writing a book:)

  5. Melissa, I know how you feel....well a little. I hated it when I was huge and pregnant and still running after my kids and people would always make comments to me too. People in Springfield are VERY religious, but most people out here think two kids is a BIG family. I kept saying I can't wait to get back to Idaho where its normal to have three or more.
    I am positive that you look beautiful, although you have not be logging to us how great you look. Come on, if I can do it, so can you.
    Hang in there girl! You will be such a great mom again, don't worry about what anyone else says, but can I get one of your shirts if I have another baby? :)

  6. Maybe you should have a shirt that says "My baby bites" for when people try to rub your belly. ;)

  7. Well, since I'm the mom of six, I'd get the "tsk-tsking" looks like I didn't know what was going on...my pet peeve comment (that everyone thought was SO original) was, "You DO know what causes that, right?" With my last pregnancy, I would just look at them calmly and say, "No" and see if they would say anything else....

  8. Hilarious! VERY CLEVER, a t-shirt to tell it all. I could have used one with my fourth.

  9. I am a fan of your blog. I found you through Allison's and Shandy's mentioned you. I used to live over in that area as well. So it's funny that we have the same friends, but I don't think I've met you. Anyway, I love your ideas and it has helped bring back my creative side. When I was pregnant I had someone say, "Oh you have that pregnant look to you." What the heck does that mean? Anyway, hang in there, you're almost there.

  10. I feel your angst. My first two girls are 13 months apart with number three arriving 17 months later. With the first pregnancy everyone is so excited. With the second one everyone says well at least they will be close friends!?! With my third pregnancy everyone looks at you with pity. Although I did not chose my girls to be so close, I choose to be a Mom with as many kids as I see fit for my family. I had to laugh at the "You do know what causes that" comment. I have heard it. Not at all what I was expecting to hear at church on a Sunday. :0)

  11. I hate that! Like it's anyone's business but you and your husbands.

    On a different note, someone asked me the other day at church if I was pregnant again (I have a 14 month old) and I said, "No I'm just fat." She was super embarrassed!

  12. Only having two, I only know slightly how you feel. But with both of my girls I got the "any day now, huh" and the "you look like you're going to pop/bust"? I hated that because I always had at least a month or two left. You've always made pregnancy look beautiful, even if you don't feel it :)!

  13. I just came across you blog...and Oh my goodness...this post was cracking me up!!!

    I have three children and we are trying to decide if we are gonna go for number 4. I am just facinated that you will have five kids....I think that is so great!!

    Have a wonderful week...oh and hey....you are going to have your hands full!!! LOL :)


  14. I think a simple "Yes, I'm pregnant, leave me alone" would be suffice;)
    I admire you. Being an only child, I always wanted a big family. One and Two came along and I knew they were more than enough for me!

  15. Good luck to you! I have 4 myself. My favorite (NOT) thing someone said to me was "When are you going to have that baby" which I replied as "I had him 10 days ago!". So not a confidence builder. You are so lucky to have a sweet, warm, cuddly little baby soon -- I am jealous!

  16. It used to drive me nuts when everyone would tell me how small I was for being so pregnant. Looking back, I realize how nuts that is! Maybe pregnant women can get bugged by anything anyone says?? :)

    Jamie (Not Rodney) :)

  17. Gotta love those people who aren't afraid to state the obvious! My other favorite is "You really shouldn't be carrying your boy while your pregnant" To which I would want to reply, Watch him for 10 seconds and see if you change your mind!!

  18. Gotta love the comments! :)
    I loved it when I was pregnant with Katy and everyone kept asking me if I was excited to finally get my girl. Do you think I didn't want my boys?

  19. Hello!! This is Tennille from Mississippi again ( I posted once before on your other blog.) I have a 17 month old now and when I was pregnant with her, a friend of mine gave me a shirt that said.. LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH!!!
    You could try that for a while and see how it goes:)

    I'm loving your blog-just be sure and keep us posted with the newest addition arrives!!

  20. LOL at your post! Congrats and enjoy having your hands full!!!! As they say, the days are long but the years are short.

  21. Found you through Just a Girl and love your blog! You have such a darling family! I love all of your great CHEAP ideas! You seem like me...I LOVE YARD SALES! They are my FAV!!! You should stop by my blog when you have a minute. Lots of fun ideas for kids!! www.thechildrensnest.blogspot.com. Take care and hope you have a great night :o) Good luck with #5!! I think it is great!

  22. Oh please oh please, if you get a shirt made, can I have one too??? I am due Feb. 4 and it's only my second, but still you gave me a good laugh as I read this and I can definitely relate to the pregnancy annoyances! :)

  23. One time another teacher said to me, "you are looking chubby." She knew I was pregnant and it ticked me off. I said back, "when was chubby ever a compliment?" She replied, "chubby and sensitive". OOOOH, I still hold a grudge and it has been 8 years!

    Also, a parent of a student of mine said, "You're getting huge!" I said, "Hey, I am only 4'11". THere is no where for this baby to go." She said, "That's no excuse." UGH!

  24. oh girl! I feel for ya! I totally have to giggle at all of your Tshirt ideas!!

  25. I'm loving this post.. and can TOTALLY relate. I'm due in just a few days, and I've heard the CRAZIEST things...

  26. That was funny to read. I'm sure you're still the cutest pregnant lady ever, though.

  27. i think you hit the nail on the head with this post! i am an ultrasound tech in arizona and i hear everything you just said everyday from almost all of my moms that come to see me!it is pretty amazing some of the things people will just blurt out. good luck with your delivery and if you have never had a 3d/3d ultrasound you should consider it. its a really neat bonding experience and especially great if yo are able to bring your other kids with you to share in the moment!

  28. You are so funny! My sister-in-law and I are in the same ward...we have always been pregnant at the same time. Trouble is...she stays tiny until the very (and I mean very end) and I pop out right at the beginning and only get BIGGER. Nice lady in my ward who I love but is not very "tactful" says "Why are you always so much bigger than your sister-in-law?" Hmmmm. I'd like to know why too.

  29. As a mom of TRIPLETS, I've heard it all. All these rude comments are sooo familiar to me! The one that is most rude about having many children (one at a time or all at once) is, "better you than me!"

    When I am faced with that one, I usually say, "Yes, I agree."

  30. how bout...

    I know. I am fat cuz I am pregnant...what's your excuse?


    Shut up...or I will punch you!!!

    How's that?

  31. My favorite was when I would mention how. freaking. big. I was...a girlfriend would always say...OH JUST WAIT TILL LATER, this is nothing -- blah freaking blah blah blah. I wanted to scream, NO, I feel big NOW. I felt SUCH redemption when at 25 weeks we realized I was measuring EIGHT weeks ahead. It stayed pretty consistent till the end, and he was a big one -- nearly eight pounds, born at 37 weeks. I didn't get many others that you have dealt with, but I still feel your pain!! :)

  32. I recently found your blog and love it! Congratulations on the anticipation of #5!! I have an almost one year old and I want to share with you my favorite inappropriate comment. An acquaintance asked in a group setting if I was pregnant and I was pretty far along and talking about being pregnant so I wasn't the least bit insulted when she asked. She then congratulated me, expressed happiness for me and then followed it up with, "So, what does your husband think?" Luckily I thought quick on my feet and said, "Well, the baby is his, so he is happy!"

  33. Oh I miss you. . .I need one for right now that says "NO! I'm not pregnant!" Love ya

  34. I found you through Michelle Pieracini. I am expecting #6 in January and hear similar comments all the time. When we first started telling people, I kept hearing "was this a surprise?" After this many kids I think I know where babies come from... and of course I always hear "Is this your last?" Yes, it is. Best wishes with the rest of the pregnancy and I love your blog!

  35. Great post! I think every pregnant women can relate to the annoying things people say. I have a boy and a girl and EVERYONE made comments on how "perfect" it was that we'd have one of each in our family. Like it would't still be perfect to have 2 little boys?

    People say stupid things.

  36. Oh brother. I can so relate! Mine are all teens now. And I only have 3....but...
    I had BIG babies and looked very pregnant for a looooooong time. People would stop in the mall and stare and point at me (thanks to my large belly)...I'm smallish.
    It was so aggrevating! I wanted to yell.....STOP STARING...YES I'm HAVING AN ELEPHANT!

    One day as I was dragging my two toddlers into the Walmart....a lady slammed on her breaks in the parking lot and screamed "OH MY GOSH....HOW MANY KIDS ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE? and WHEN ARE YOU DUE? Grrrrr...I still had a few months to go. JERK!

    People are just clueless!

  37. Ha-Ha-Hee-Hee I loved what AndreaLeigh, the sixth comment from the top, said.
    There are a lot of people that have no clue.
    Even better, at least you're pregnant. I had my youngest 4 years ago last week and I still look pregnant! I have people ask when I'm due. Just like they straight out ask, I straight out say, "I'm just fat." They get more embarrassed then I am not being able to loose this belly of mine!
    I am appalled by some of the comments I read. Like Jen, who a teacher said "Chubby and sensitive".
    I think its just envious woman who wish they were pregnant or look as good as all you beautiful pregnant woman.
    As for how many children you have, I could only give birth to four. I always wanted more children. I'm on my second marriage, yours mine ours we have 10 from 19-4yrs old. And I'm a grandma of a 2month old and proud. No one pays our bills but us. It's called a budget. I'm only saddened thinking when they all move out and it's quite here. Enjoy it.


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