free subscription to martha stewart living...

28 January 2009

*****Edited to add: Martha's gone now! Yay for those who got it! Sorry for those who didn't...there are always more good deals to come.... ******

Take a quick poll about what you eat for breakfast and get a free one year subscription: Link
Who couldn't use some free inspiration from Martha??
Happy Wednesday!


  1. thank you ! i did that..lets see if i really get a magazine!! lol!

  2. I know, you always wonder about these things, but I did this last year for Better Homes and Gardens, and it came! For free! Let's hope Martha comes through...

  3. I did it, but it said I was going to be receiving Forbes magazine. Oh well, my husband will love it! :)

  4. Thanks for the tip! I love MS Living, but have never subscribed (I usually steal my Mom's)lol.


  5. Oh man now it's saying that reward is unavailable! I love her magazine but haven't forked out the money lately. :) There is another magazine now called "working mother" for those that may be interested.

    Oh, an update for you Melissa. I took my ON receipt back and got a $28 price adjustment! That really works better because you have a better pick of the clearance items but you can get the additional 50% off!

  6. Yeah, bummer, I tried too. It's no longer available. Boo!

  7. Boo I'm sad the offer is gone! But thanks for thinking of us and keeping your eye out!!!


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