the new year calendar is your friend...

07 January 2009

I love filling out a brand new, clean calendar for the new year. It's like a clean slate, full of possibilities of activities, vacations, appointments, and family time. I always wonder what will fill the pages and what I will see the next January when I review it. Isn't it amazing what can happen in one year??
Here's a little hint though: it can save you a lot of money. How?
Here's how I do mine:
First, I go through with a red sharpie and put all of our family/extended family birthdays with a star, so they stand out. Family first, right??
Then, I go through with my previous year calendar and mark important sales. Whenever there is a fantastic sale I find, I mark it on my calendar with a cloud and stars around it, so I can be sure to be on the lookout the next year. This saves us so much money because we can budget for the sales and never have to pay full price for things like clothing and toys.
For example, Old Navy has their additional 50% off the clearance usually twice a year. Their prices at this sale cannot be beat and are sometimes even better than yard sales. This is also when I get some cute baby outfits for showers and gifts throughout the year. So, this next week I will be watching for it and try to make it the first day for the best selection and before word gets out. Since it usually happens in July and January, and we have most of our clothing budget for the year in these months.
I also watch for Target's huge toy clearance, which also happens in July and January, where they go 75-90% off. It's a great time to stock up the gift closet for friends' birthdays. And don't forget about the Amazon toy clearance in December.

Some other sales I always mark:
*Dillards add'l 40-50% off : every New Years day they have an additional 50% off their clearance prices. This is the best sale they have of the year. It includes furniture here as well. You can score beautiful, high end things for Walmart prices.
*Target's Global Bazaar Home Clearance~great decor for the home that eventually goes 75-90% off in late February
*Target's annual domestics clearance on sheets, shower curtains, towels, etc. happens also in late February
*The Children's Place also has great add'l off sales where I look more for dressy clothes for my kids for Christmas, Easter, church etc.
* I also mark Target's Christmas and Halloween markdown to 75% and 90% off to buy for next year: costumes, decor, etc.
*I just marked Hobby Lobby~they are 80% off Christmas right now and should go 90% off any day~that's when I will strike :) Their fall clearance went 90% off on Nov 21 this year.
*If you watch websites like Fishing for Deals or Pinching Your Pennies, these ladies are pro shoppers and will always alert you if you are on the lookout around your dates. Let them do the work for you so you're not always having to call the store, etc.
*Every store has their markdown periods~if you have a favorite store, wait, and when they best sales happen, mark them so you can shop at those times and resist the temptation to pay full price.
*Know what you are on the lookout for before
you go to the sale. Never buy just because it's a "good deal." You all know this.
Let your calendar be your friend this year.
Does anyone else do this?
What sales are you always on the lookout for?
I would love to hear your tips... :)


  1. Great ideas! I too love sales-who doesn't? But I have always been hit and miss with them. I wouldn't have ever thought to mark it on my calendar. Awesome!!!

  2. If you are near a Children's Place Outlet, they do .99, 1.99. 2.99 sales at the end of January and August. I scored adorable baby dresses this summer for 1.99. I buy almost all of my sons things at these sales. I have even found shoes for him here.

  3. Gosh you have some great ideas...I am excited about going to Hobby Lobby this Sat for the first time so I have my money ready and hope to shop like crazy.

    Sorry I thought I posted Congrats to you and your family on Landon's arrival. I know I read the post ..heck I read all your post...very informative you are and helps me also inspire me. So anyway Congrats...he is so adorable just like the rest of the gang.


  4. You are so organized. Thanks for the calendaring tips. You always have such great ideas!


  5. Julie~I *wish* we had a TCP outlet close by. I'm always jealous of the deals my sis-in-law finds there!

  6. Great ideas!! Thanks for the info on the sales, I am going to put them in my calendar!!

  7. I have never thought to mark the sales on my calendar - what a GREAT idea!

  8. What a great idea to put sales on your calendar! Last year Target cleared out their fall/winter shoes for children around the middle of January...this year they started last week! I got my youngest daughters school shoes, church shoes and 2 pairs of dressy keds for next fall! The dressy keds were 3.74 each! I was hoping to get snow boots and dressy boots, but they were already sold out! Probably because it has snowed about every day here! Oh well! Thanks for the great tips!

  9. I'm also watching for the 90% Christmas clearance at Hobby Lobby. I was just there today and it's still 80% off. I feel like I'm on pins and needles waiting!! :)

  10. Oh, and if you don't mind . . . would you e-mail me when you find HL has gone 90% off on their christmas stuff?? And vice versa. Maybe that way we can both manage to hit it on the first day! :)

  11. Holy cow this is like hitting the blog land jackpot. THANK YOU!

  12. me too!! Can you tell me when Hobby Lobby goes 90%? And, can you tell me when Old Navy's sale comes... I'm not a shopper, I think I'm usually the one that finds out about the sales on the very last day and gets the picked over stuff. Luckily I have a kid in every single size so it works...
    Hope you're lovin this new baby stage... it's my FAVORITE!

  13. What a great idea! Btw, Gymboree is having their big sale now.

  14. Wow...Melissa you amaze me! Such a great and simple idea...I LOVE IT:)I'm totally going to do this on my 09 calendar.

  15. Congrats on the new arrival...great ideas on marking the calender for sales!

  16. Congratulations on your new little guy. He's beautiful! Thank you for the idea of including the sale dates in my calendar. I'm going to go do it right now. :)

  17. These are great tips. I too love a clean calendar, but I live somewhere small so I don't have many shopping trips. I just have to save up and do a big shopping run when I go to Salt Lake to visit my family.

  18. Thanks for sharing. You are the ultimate deal diva:) Do you have an Albies there! I just scored $3 a bag jumbo sized Pampers today:) Life is good.

  19. Thanks for the scoop on when all the sales are. I am so glad I know you!


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