spring cleaning

17 March 2009

Hello everyone! It is our spring break here. My husband is preparing for comps (anyone that has ever done a PhD want to cry with me??) so we aren't going anywhere, but guess what my kids and I have get to do??
Spring cleaning!

    photo from RealSimple

    Mwooo ha ha ha~I am the meanest mom on Earth! But, before you call me Miss Hannigan we do have some fun in store as well. We've (okay, I've) decided each day we'll work until noon, and then the rest of the day is for fun. Our little house has had some neglect since the baby came, so we're taking the opportunity to catch up. Each day we're tackling different areas of the house. Yesterday morning was dentist appointments for everyone.

    I'll take spring cleaning any day.

    Here's what's shakin' down today:

    Kids' Rooms!

    music choice of the morning (take turns with who gets to pick): High School Musical

    • strip all bedding, wash everything, including mattress pads and pillows.
    • pull out beds and furniture, vacuum behind.
  • dust everything, including ceiling fans.

  • go through toys: put strays back where they belong, put ones we don't want in yard sale pile in shed, put fresh batteries in ones that have died.
  • go through art projects, coloring pages, crafts, and little treasures stashed in desk drawers.

  • switch out winter clothes, pajamas, shoes, coats for spring/summer. Donate, save for hand me downs, or add to yard sale pile.

  • go through, sort, and organize books

  • make list of any clothing items we need to be on the lookout for at yard sales.
    • Fun for the day:

      pic source

      Go fly kites down at the big church field

      We'll see how it goes~wish us all luck! Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


      1. Wait until I tell my kids this!!! They are always telling me the same thing--"No one else has to do this much work at their house!" Glad I am not the only "mean mom" around! When you are done though, would you mind coming my way and doing the same for my house?!? :) Have fun flying kites!

      2. Gosh I wish I was at home to do this stuff instead of working...oh well I will get to some of my spring cleaning this weekend!
        Have fun kiting!

      3. sounds like a busy week! good thing the kisd are helping without to many gripes!

      4. Sounds like a great plan!!! Have tons of fun. (the actual cleaning isn't so fun, I know, but it sure feels good afterwords!)

      5. Great! Keep posting, it is a huge motivator! First off, I have had two crowns done at the dentist in two months! UGH! Hate the dentist right now! second, glad I am not the only one who cleans to HSM (with my kids of course) ;)

      6. whew! Girl, you are making me tired - I know just going thru our spring clothes and packing up our winter clothes seems to take me atleast 2 days! You go girl! The kite flying sounds like so much fun! What a great idea!

      7. All that in one day? You are amazing! Have a great spring break.


      8. I love that you set a time limit on the cleaning...I'm going to do that next week!! I could clean all day, and forget to have the fun part! Thanks for the tips! I'm known as "the stepmother on Cinderella" as my kids sing "Sing Sweet Nightengale!!" I don't mind! I love a clean house! Susan

      9. Today is my spring cleaning day, while the kids are at school. :o) I can't wait to open my windows, play some music, and clean away!
        Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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