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10 March 2009

I went to the mailbox on Friday and guess what was there?
Remember the free Martha Stewart subscription (sorry~promo is over)that we worried would never come~
it CAME!
Did yours??
Feb, March, and April all came together~yay! Such a fun surprise to get in the mail....
And then, today I found these sweet little gems in my mailbox~I won my very first giveaway! Yea!
Rachel over at Made with Love and Glue makes these pressed peony pins and they are the cutest things ever. I won one, and then couldn't decide on just one, so I had to buy 2 more. I love them~her color combinations are perfection and they're only$6.50 each, or three for $15. Here is the link to her Etsy shop You'll love her blog as well.
I put this one on my denim jacket:

One on my purse:
And my daughter stole one and put it on her jacket:
Don't you love them? Thanks, Rachel!

So, now I'm like Martha~finding good things, and sharing them. And now I have her magazine to give me more crazy ideas and pressed peonies to make me feel cute and springy. I love good mail days...


  1. Cute peonies! congrats on the win!
    You enjoy your magazines today!! Put your feet up for atleast 15 mins, grab you a cold coke or tea & sit back & enjoy!!

  2. I received my Martha mags too, last week! Mine came one at a time over 3 days! Thanks so much for the heads up on that offer!

  3. You're right, nothing's more fun than a surprise in the mail! 3 magazines at once, is triple the fun. Love the pins too.

  4. My mother in law has bought me a subscription to Living for at least 10 years. I get so much inspiration from them. Have fun!

  5. Mine came this week too - Yay! I'm glad you posted this because I couldn't remember why I was getting the magazine :) Gotta love mommy brain!

  6. Rachel's is one of my favorite blogs. Her peonies are so cute!

  7. It's like Christmas came early!!!!

    I was so sad I missed out on the Magazine promo :(

  8. I got Feb and March of the magazines a few days ago. I totally forgot about them! Thanks for posting =)

  9. I got March and April. No February, wonder what's up with that. I love winning fun things. I've won a couple of times and it is great!

  10. So glad you got them safely!! :) And they look great on everything. So sad I missed out on the Martha mag thing, bummer I just have that kind of luck.

  11. Yes! I got them! Thanks! It was such a fun surprise because I had forgotten they were coming! I tried to find an email for you, but I was wondering if you have ever considered hosting a giveaway on your site? If so, I'd love to do one. I am the owner of and I'd love to give away a framed family tree kit:

    I thought this is something your readers might enjoy. If you are interested email me at ginakhill (at) gmail (dot) com.


  12. I was so excited to get mine in the mail too! I thought for sure I was getting Forbes magazine since when I finished the survey, that's what it said. Either would have been fine - but I like reading Martha A LOT more!

  13. The 1st time I stumbled upon your blog was the day you had the Martha mag. link. And I did it & in less than 2 weeks, I got all 3 issues! I'm very pleased-thank you for having that link.!!


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