calling all spray paint!!

15 April 2009

I've gotten 3 or 4 emails with people asking why their spray paint bubbles when they're spraying ceramics. I have only had this problem once when I was spray painting in 35 degree weather, so I figured it was the cold. I haven't had any problems as you can see from my roosters, bunny, other plates, etc.
But, yesterday, I'm re-doing my extra plates (75 degrees outside)when I see a spot I missed with the spray paint. I take it back out to the garage to spray a little spot, and look what it did:

Can anyone explain why this happens?? The other plate didn't do this, I used the same paint, etc. etc.

I now know what y'all are talking about, so I'm throwing it out there and hoping someone can help...


  1. Wish I could help! I'll be watching to see what others say. The only time I have had anything like that happen was when my paint was not shaken well enough. Hope you can get it fixed. It sure looks like a cute plate!

  2. I cant help but I had this happen the other day on a little ceramic bowl thingy,, but it only did it on two little spots..very strange. I hope someone can help.

    ( i love your blog by the way.)

  3. This happens to my projects for a couple of reasons.
    1- The project hasn't been cleaned well enough and there is some kind of wax or oil, or even hand lotion, that reacts to the paint.
    2- Moisture will cause cracking and bubbling too. Make sure the project is really dry after cleaning it.

    Sometimes "the quick touch up" will result in trouble which is likely a result from not waiting for the first coat to dry thoroughly &/or from spraying too close to the project (which usually happens when trying to get just that one little spot). Both are due to having too much moisture, which includes the moisture in the paint, on the project.

    Luckily it's easy to fix with a little sanding and another coat or two of paint.

  4. I don't know how much help I am. I haven't had any bubbling that looks like that. I have had some things bubble when the spray paint wasn't shook up very well. I will be interested to see what other people say. I have been wanting to spray paint some plates.

    Good luck!


  5. I was going to post the same thing as Joy, she is absolutely right and explained it perfectly!

  6. Joy is totally right, humidity can cause this problem very easily. I have had the same problem with refinishing. To help the paint adhere to your surface, try using a tack cloth before painting. It might help. Good Luck! :)

  7. Yep yep to Joy! I've had it happen and it's ALWAYS when I'm rushing -- didn't do enough prep or did a second/third coat too fast. I HATE that crackling!!

  8. I agree with Joy!! I also always spray on a primer first on things that are plastic, metal, etc. this seems to help a lot with making sure the paint really "sticks." I also just found out that my sister in law is your sister's sister in law!! Hopefully that all made sense! HA!

  9. I have only had this happen once. It was a much smaller area---more like dots. I agree w/the things Joy said.

    I'm sorry about your plates. Victoria and I were working on a project at her house tonight and broke the top of a lamp. Ugh! But, life will go on.

  10. I was one of the people who asked you about the bubbling before. I always wait atleast overnight before applying a second coat. So the problem for me was SPRAYING TOO CLOSE. I backed way up on my last project. My project turned out beautiful, but now I have a lovely red square outline on my garage floor. Be careful!


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