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13 April 2009

We have 2 winners for the shabby straps giveaway:

wrist camera strap: #125 Bryanne

larger camera strap: #38 Gordostyle

** Congratulations!! **

Email me at with your addresses and I will get these in the mail for you...

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments about my plates. Is it so bad that I didn't even try to glue them or save them for a mosaic?? Out with Friday's trash they went...
There is good news: the package I bought had 4 plates in it, so I have extras, which is a very good thing for this klutzy girl. And, the packages of napkins had 20 in each, so I have plenty of those. I just hate adding something to my to-do list when I've already crossed it off. I love crossing off.

If you haven't had luck finding the napkins at TJMaxx, some of you have reported finding them at Tuesday Morning and Marshall's. Thanks for the tip!

We had a great Easter weekend and I took waaay too many pictures and wore out my camera battery. No pictures today, but I promise there will be some this week~

happy Monday morning to y'all.


  1. Marshall's has the same napkins!

  2. Thank you, Meghan~just added it in the post!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    So glad you have extra plates and napkins. :)

  4. Snags...I was jonesing for one of those cute straps!!!

    Congrats Gordostyle!!!

  5. Maybe you should look again. I'm just sure one of those straps were supposed to be mine! Can't wait to see the Easter pics of your lovely family. I bet the kids had a great time.

  6. NO WAY! Me? I can't believe it! YAHOO!!!!!!! I'm MORE than excited! (I've been gone for four days for Easter and just found this out now.) Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I've wanted one of these for a LONG time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  7. Congratulations to your winners! They are SO lucky! I am going to order one of those for my sister. They are so cute!


  8. Congrats to the winners! and I'm so glad you can recreate those awesome plates!!



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