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20 May 2009

You asked, and I'll try to answer:
By far the number one question:
Q: how do you find time to re-model and update with 5 kids and a husband in grad school?

A: Very slowly. And it's not a pretty process:

Who can stop regular everyday life and take a few months to completely update their house? It has to happen a little here and a little there.
If you notice when I showed you the before pictures of the bathroom, it was October of 2008. When we finished, it was April 2009. That's 6 months!
Can I say amen sistah! to Layla? She gave a fantastic guest post at the Nesters awhile ago, and this is what she said,"

"Don't be afraid of design challenges! Don't let the math, or the time it will take to complete a project, intimidate you. Just take your time. You CAN do it. And, oh yes, it WILL be worth it. Just think of all the YEARS you will SMILE, every time you walk into the room, once you've completed it. (Even if it does take 6 months to finish it!)"

Such wise advice. I love walking in my bathroom now. I keep it clean (okay, clean-er) because I know the work that was put into it and I don't want to mess it up. Some weeks during the whole process, I would say to myself, "Melissa, just prime one wall this week, or spray paint 3 cabinets in the garage during naptime." It's all about baby steps here. Some weeks, nothing got done. I really do believe the hardest part is just starting. Oh, and a very patient husband who opens the garage to pull into his parking spot and sees paint cans, cabinets, and rags where his car is supposed to go also helps. :)

Q: I want to see an after picture of the texture!
A: Here you go:

Q: Were you scared to death to paint your cabinets black? I would love to paint mine, but I'm too chicken.
A: Yes. Up until about 3 weeks before the bathroom was finished.
I was going to do black in the beginning, I was talking to some neighbors who thought I was crazy, especially since we're going to be selling in about a year. They were telling me just to go with a classic white like I did in my kitchen, and I caved and decided they were right,
Then, I saw Emily's new black kitchen and read what she wrote about painting her cabinets black and that very night I went to the Home Depot and bought black paint and spray paint. I've never looked them! If you need some guts to do it, go read her post.

Want some more black cabinet inspiration?

Emily's kitchen in her new house
Emily's kitchen in her old house
Layla's kitchen
Nicole's kitchen

If I forgot to answer a question you've asked, remind me in the comments~thanks!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. 6 months is great! It took a year for us to remodel the kid bathroom, and we're just starting ours. I'll be happy if it's totally finished in two years. Baby steps are the answer. And your bathroom is beautiful :)

  2. Love the cabinets...and the more kids you have the longer it takes for sure! When you are working on a project, the rest of the house pays the price, and it's just that much more work...but it is, like you said, so worth it in the end.
    Love your blog!

  3. I can understand the SLOW part. We did a remodel that took three years from start to finish, but it was worth it. By the way, I am having my 100th post give-a-way!

  4. I bet it does take you awhile to do projects with 5 kids! Well, it did turn out awesome. I know you are enjoying it. I sure love to sit back after finishing a project myself & say ahhhh. I also painted a vanity cabinet dark brown too, so I know what a difference it makes.

  5. What?? We're not supposed to stop real life to decorate?
    Oops. Maybe that's why my kids are hungry and the laundry's not done, and the toilets are gross... :)
    Thanks for sharing, still LOVE that bathroom!

  6. Thanks for keepin it real! I feel much better!

  7. To me there's nothing more inspirational than "reality" photos! Reminds me of when my first 3 children were all under 3 years of age. Your remodels are beautiful, too!

  8. We are also remodeling our entire house! I wish though that we were able to get a room completed within 6 months! We are going on year 4 of our total remodel! I feel for you! I finally found someone who knows what I'm going through!

  9. Thanks Melissa! That was just the boost of confidence I needed to get my butt in gear and paint my cabs black! Something I've wanted to do for a while, but I've been letting other people's opinions sway me. NO MORE.


  10. I found you blog yesterday and loved it!!! I loved it even more today because I didn't realize you had 5 kids, I too have 5 kids. i also love to decorate, and I am painting my cabinets this weekend.....we have a lot in common. I am painting my cabinets a grey blue color. Check out my blog

  11. Melissa,

    What color did you use on your walls in your remodeled master bathroom? (the khaki color) I love it!


  12. I am so glad you posted this. I was sitting here feeling awful about myself that I can't figure out when I'd have time to do ANYTHING like what you have here! I'm a little more encouraged now!


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