It's a Cloche Party!

19 June 2009

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is having a cloche party! She is one of the sweetest, most sincere people I've met through blogland and I adore her.

Here is a cheeseboard with a glass cover I found for $1 at a yard sale:

It now sits on a stand from a Target clearance

with a sweet nest inside:

I also have one in my bedroom with a (fake) flower pot inside:

Here are some other glass fillers I've used throughout my home:


  1. Oh Melissa, Love the post. I so love the little cloche with the nest and eggs. Precious, never needs a word with it. I love the apothecary jars with the cotton hulls. So precious. Loved the ladder back chair with the wreath and the EEK sign. Just darling. We here in Phoenix are so tired of the 100+ temps, we keep thinking if we decorate that the weather will get nicer. We shall see, hu?
    I so love you blog, so homey. I added my name to your Followers, as I can't wait to see what you show next. Please stop by and see my cloche collection, and I would so love to have you follow as well. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Oh what fun. I love the cheese dome and the lovely little birdnest you put in it. The stand you found is also just stunning. All of your jars are so pretty, I was fascinated by the one with the real cotton bowls in it. I havn't seen cotton growin in years. The cloche in the bedroom with the faux plant is just so pretty. Then last of all, the candy corn is just perfect. What fabulous displays and vignettes. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is so much fun to see how creative everyone is. Hugs, Marty

  3. love your post. I think you may be 1 of the org. girlies that inspired me to buy a few cause I've seen most of these before when I didn't have a blog yet. You are talented and I LOVE the story about the cotton. My in laws farm in N.C. I hope she'll send me a few more cotton blooms...I've got 1 and you've got a whole jar full. :P

    Love that Halloween corner.

  4. Melissa - These are just great! I love the one with the candy corn and the black jelly beans. If I did one of those, it would only have the jelly beans because I would eat the candy corn. I just love it!

    Thanks for sharing. This party has been so much fun.


  5. Creative ways to use cloches all over the house! My home has been taken over by Glimpes of Fall decorations, please stop by when you get a chance. I love your blog and visit several times a week.

    See ya later.

    Sandra in Arizona

  6. Great use of all your cloche's...but loved the one with the soap in it...very clever...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. I love the one's with the soap and cotton bolls, how clever. And all the candy corn I'm seeing is really affecting my sweet

    Please stop by and say hi. Be Well!

  8. Hi Melissa,
    Lovely post. I enjoyed looking at all your cloches. And I love your little Halloween corner...too cute. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. cute cute cute, love the soap one, and your halloween display!

  10. Oh gosh, Melissa! I love all your cloches and apothacary jars!! You really have put a lot to good use. I love the beachy ones, I am trying to do more of that at out Lakehouse. Just trying to create things myself instead of paying a bundle. You have given me some inspiration!!

    Great post for the party!! :-)


  11. Your cloche display is just fantastic! You have captured fall beautifully.

  12. Your displays are so unique...I love how you combine all of your finds to make a display...I will keep that in mind when I do mine. I love the cotton boll jar!

  13. Very pretty and creative cloches Melissa! :)

  14. Fabulous!!! I love the jars with the soap & the cotton the best. Simple, but fabulous!

  15. What a pretty post! Using the bolls of cotton is definitely unique...
    and it looks like fall.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)


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