outdoor rug? check!

30 September 2009

Y'all are the best.
Last week, I asked if anyone had seen outdoor rugs on clearance for my patio.
Of course, you came through with fantastic ideas as usual.
Frugal Jen (are you shocked that she had a frugal tip for me? :)
told me she had seen some mixed in with the regular rugs at Target. The summer clearance was wiped out at my store and I thought all the rugs were gone with it.

Twist my leg twice to get me to run back to Target.
Just like she said, there amidst the regular rugs were some outdoor rugs marked down to 14.99 from 69.99!

Thank you, Jen! The big crack in my patio thanks you too.
Some also suggested painting the patio, which is a fabulous idea to add to my

It would really make that beige stripe rug pop though...but how do you paint a patio outside near the play area and keep trucks and toddlers out of it for the day??

Oh, and hello sweet pumpkin goodness on the way into the store (in the dollar spot but don't really cost a dollar)~welcome to your new outdoor home. ($2.50 each)
I know that in a matter of time, you'll be flung across the yard and hit with a bat or sent rolling down the slide, but you sure look cute there on top of the wooden box for right now:

Happy Wednesday~

Oh, and P.S.~so glad to hear that some of you are finding the Nikons on clearance at Target! Please don't send your husbands my way to "thank" me though...just remind them that you are capturing beautiful memories. Who can put a price on that?


  1. Love the patio redo! I'm gonna have to go check out Target for some hidden clearance rugs...thanks for the tip.


  2. very very cute! - but just imagine if that floor was stained a sage green or creamy color? i just stained mine in a coffee stain. I'll send you a couple of pics how mine turned out - VERY easy - and no peeling up because it's not porch paint! Just don't tell me if you don't like it because i can't fix it now LOL.

  3. oh well, couldn't find an email addy for you on your site. Just email me if you want to see. :)

  4. Awesome! I found a 4x6 sisal rug at Target last Friday for $12.99! I love seeing those red clearance stickers!

  5. What a fantastic price! The whole area looks wonderful!

  6. Target is the best! Your rug looks great and I love the pumpkins. Enjoy all those rare "it looks perfect" moments. I thought that since my children were all grown up my house would stay neat & tidy but now I have grandbabies throwing pumpkins around! : )

  7. I'm one of the lucky ladies who scored a great deal on a Nikon at Target once you posted about it.
    (A D40, display model - about $300!) Mom's going to LOVE her Christmas present - thanks so much for the tip!

  8. Had to laugh at the pumpkins being batted around, Melissa! Enjoy them for now anyway {and you always have the picture to look back on}! Love your outdoor rug and it's probably the best way to address the crack for the time being.

  9. If you use concrete stain rather than paint it dries very fast because it absorbs into it. That's what we put through our whole house because we didn't have money for carpet, tile, etc. -Jami

  10. What a great idea! I have my eye on some black and white ones at Ballards for my kitchen. I figure that they would be really easy to clean in there. I am hoping they are going to go on sale soon!


  11. okay.. totally missed something... what nikon is on clearance at Target? my daughter lost her camera... she has enough $$ saved now to by a new one.. this might be a good idea for her!

  12. So glad my tip worked! I love target clearance!!

  13. I also am one of the lucky ones who got one of the Nikons! Got my D40 for $412 including tax so I was really happy! Thank you so much for the tip! Love your patio & your blog...I read it daily!

  14. Love how you are honest with your pumpkins and that they won't probably hold their place of honor for long. ;) I so need to get to the Dollar Spot! :)

    How well does a rug like that hold up to the weather??

  15. Your patio looks like the perfect spot to spend some fun times at this Fall! I love the red benches....what a cool idea!

  16. great deal! i am looking for a rug for my patio too! and i wasn't as fortunate to find a good deal like you. i need one for my breakfast and dining room too. man thats a lot of rugs!

  17. Good for you!! It looks great!

  18. The rug was a great find, and the pumpkins are very cute....hmmm, I think I need to go to Target tomorrow.
    I mentioned to my dh that I might be able to find a big fancy camera on clearance at T., but he wasn't as excited as I thought he should be. Go figure.

  19. YAY! For the rug score! I picked up some of those pumpkins a couple years ago, too.

    I wish I could score me a Nikon!

  20. Well done - I had the same luck when we first moved into our new home about 2 months ago. At target they had all the patio stuff on sale - I had no intention of purchasing anything I just wanted to browse - and there it was a great rug w/ a great pattern and it was on sale, I think it was $16.95 or something like that. I snatched it up so quickly. It's made out of woven plastic which is great - we have no idea how dirty our front porch will get between the dogs and the weather!

  21. I have used outside mats for rugs. World market has them in great colors made out of polyropylene (durable plastic). They run around $10 when they are on sale. Nice size too about 46"x72".

  22. I was feeling those vine pumpkins so I went and bought myself 2! Love em!


    Great blog ya have here!


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