Bright spot…

04 February 2010

It has been one of those weeks. January 2010 006 1

We got some snow and school has been cancelled all week.
My family in Montana just laugh at this. They don’t even switch to 4 wheel drive for a foot of snow…
The kids love to run in the empty basement, but that only goes so far.
Snow is fun if you have snow gear, but we came from Texas! I can’t stomach paying full price for a 5 pairs of snow pants and boots, so I’ve been scouring the thrift stores here with no luck.January 2010 018 1
My husband arranged to go in late so I wouldn't have to have 5 helpers in tow when I got my drivers license. I waited in line forever, got everything filled out, and then the cameras went down! I wanted to cry. I asked the lady if I could just cut a picture of Jennifer Aniston out of the magazine I had and use it on my license, but she didn't think it was funny. So now I get to go back and wait in line again.
The disc drive on our computer broke.
I had grand plans for the basement, but we sat down and went through our budget. Grand plans cost $$. Scaling back again…
I thought I would be fine not going to Blissdom, but oh, it would be so fun to meet everyone and escape for a little bit.
I know, cry me a river.
I should be grateful I have a house that even has a basement, a car to get a license for, and a computer that’s not completely broken, healthy kids that have had fun despite getting all soaked and frostbit, but I was ready for a bright spot in my week…
and it came! I’ve been watching Craigslist like crazy for a piano, but look what I found instead:January 2010 156 1 for $30!!
It doesn’t have glass, but it’s already painted and I’ve got a plan…
Isn’t she just lovely??
I’m feeling better already…
I also got a stack of 12 Mikasa French Countryside plates for $3!
January 2010 160 1
There’s another storm coming in tomorrow and you can bet your bottom dollar school will be cancelled again, but it’s amazing what Craig and his list can do for the soul :)