project {entry}way

11 February 2010

I was really tired of seeing our back entryway look like this:

January 2010 047

I decided to take action. We’re going to be removing some shelving in the basement, so I snatched couple of boards from down there. If you don’t have spare boards in your basement, you can figure out the size you want and the nice people at Lowes or Home Depot should cut them to size for you….

Feb 2010 038

I bought two corbels at Home Depot for $8 each (in the crown moulding section on the bottom shelf)January 2010 051

1. First, screw your board into the studs in the walls (you can buy a simple stud finder for $5…be sure to have it beep around your husband and you will make his day, even if he tries not to smile and shakes his head…)

January 2010 048

2. Next, screw your brackets into the board that you just attached to the studs

3. Then, place your board on top and the insert the the screws on the top part of your bracket to secure everything together. (You’ll probably need a helper to assist with holding the wood in place while you drill)

There were 4 packs of these silver hooks in Target’s Dollar Spot for $2.50 a pack. They are not the heaviest, but we’ve been hanging backpacks and bags on them and they get the job done:

Feb 2010 043

The frames are from the Dollar Tree, already black and I love the detail in them. Hot glue them right on to the board~you can even see hot glue leftovers on this one if you look close...

I printed out the numbers (like Kelly did for her pillows) in Engravers MT font in Microsoft Word

I love the numbers and they were super easy, but we’re also thinking of putting fun pictures of the kids or letting them design their own labels to put in the frames. We’ll see if we actually get around to switching them out…

  Feb 2010 033
I painted the wood what else? Rustoleum Heirloom White.

I would love to find some baskets or fun containers to put on the shelf for hats/gloves/odds and ends. Baskets are so expensive!

Feb 2010 037

Cost Breakdown:

Wood for shelves: free

Corbels: $16

Paint: $3 (I only used a little from the quart and I know I'll use the rest on other projects..c'mon, it's heirloom white!)

Hooks: $5 for 2 four packs at Target

Frames: $7 from Dollar Tree

Total: $31

I’ve got plans for a bench underneath and the walls need to be painted (they’re flat white…the most unfriendly kid paint)

Feb 2010 041

…but it’s a start! Are there really seven of us?? That looks like a lot, but I wouldn’t want to imagine life with one of those numbers missing…