target home clearance

19 February 2010

Just wanted to give you a heads up: remember how I mark sales on my calendar? I had the past few weeks all starred up to look out for Target’s domestics clearance and our store had some great markdowns. Do those orange stickers just make your heart start beating faster?? A few things I threw in then madly ran to the next aisle to see what else was waiting for me  casually tossed into my basket:
A pair of ivory sailcloth window panels: $8.48Feb 2010 008

Curtain rods! The 84-108 in were $4.98 and the 54-84 in were $3.98Feb 2010 006
Cloth napkins $1.74/4 pk, decorator balls 1.24 each, and 2 bamboo pillowcases were $3.74.Feb 2010 010  You could completely refresh a room for under $20! I know there are some others I’m forgetting, but I’ve got to figure out what my family is eating tonight.
Good luck~I know every store is different but may the force of the target orange stickers be with you. You see that dusty surface these are sitting on? I hope it’s a project I can share with you next week!