cut up table = entryway benches

02 March 2010

Well, hello! It’s about time, isn’t it? Life has gotten a bit crazy~the work in the basement is in full force, (which is good!) and I thought I would love picking out flooring, a fireplace, windows, fixtures, etc. but I’m really not. I’m always second guessing myself and I think it’s because in the past I’ve had months and months to collect things at yard sales and thrift stores to create a room, and now I feel like I’m kind of throwing it all together. Plus, I love to research things before making a decision (vented or ventless fireplace? Which toilet does Consumer Reports report as best? What kind of lighting in the family room? Arrggghh!)
ANYWAY, who cares about all that: here is what I turned the table into! I’ve been working on it here and there between everything:

Feb 2010 061
Before: (coffee table cut in half with bad yellow lighting)
Feb 2010 020
After: I’ll show you how I did it in an upcoming post (UPDATE: here is the post on how I did it)

Feb 2010 062but we are loving them. The little ones can climb up to get to their coats now, (my baby loves climbing up and pulling them down) and I’m putting baskets in the bottom for shoes. The trick now is getting the shoes INTO the baskets :)Feb 2010 081 As you see, I’m also trying to figure out a paint color for the walls.

Happy March, Happy Tuesday, and I hope you said rabbit yesterday!