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30 April 2010

This is the last day of April.  Holy time fly, Batman. I am so excited for next week~I’ve invited 5 amazing bloggers to share some things they’ve learned about being a mom, since NEXT SUNDAY is Mother’s Day. I can’t wait~I know you will love them.
Today, you’ll be able to see some projects I have brewing in my head from this edition…enjoy!
{show & tell} has 2 fabulous DIY versions of framed mirrors in her bathrooms here and here

A yummy headboard from Joy’s Hope. She best be watchin’ her boyfriend, Craig. He’s been making plenty of women happy lately…

Rocky Bella’s butcher block counter~gorgeous!

Kate’s tutorial on painting laminate: our contractor quoted us $2,000 for built ins downstairs. No thank you, but I’ve got another plan and this post is going to help me accomplish it…ty, Kate!

Make It and Love It’s dry erase board~I never thought about writing on glass with a dry erase marker: (thank you to Bryanne for sending the link to me!)

Love all these ruffled pillows I’ve seen around, but Beth’s cheater version in my favorite because it means I don’t have to sew my own ruffles!
Have a great weekend~


  1. Oh yeah, those are fabulous. I love those ruffles!

  2. Wow! What fun! Thanks for all the fun links and the bathroom with the cakestand holding the q-tips and cottonballs was genius - Can't wait till next week with your Mama's week :) Happy Weekend, The Lady of the House

  3. thanks so much for featuring my mirrors!!

    i love your blog and check it out everyday :) so seeing me on here is fabulous!

  4. What fun ideas! I love mirror and headboard. Your hutch down below is so dang cute! I love it!

  5. Fantastic projects, love them all, that headboard, that backsplash ! Incredible ! I'm inspired !!

    Thanks for the linky love friend, have a fabulous weekend !


    PS $2,000? Yikes ! Forget it. Time to whip out that primer and paint. Woo hoo !!

  6. Love the list! Happy to read Kate's post on painting laminate! Now I know what I did wrong on the booksleff I painted last week...I used regular primer. I still looks great but you can srcatch the paint of with your nails ):

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I can spend hours on your blog with all of your ideas! (And have) thank you so much!!!!! I love your ideas!

  8. Accckkkkkkk...LOVE that dry erase board. That just went onto my never ending list of projects! I absolutely MUST have one.


  9. There are some really great projects out there! Wow!

  10. Hey, here I am! Thanks for the shout out girlfriend ;).

  11. They are wonderful. I can't seem to take my eyes of them.


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