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10 June 2010

I can’t thank you enough. We taped up black garbage bags and ran a box fan and he slept until almost 7:30! june 2010 025 1

I feel like a new woman! He was much happier as well. june 2010 041 1 The blackout curtains will be so worth the investment if he sleeps longer. I loved the other ideas from Shayleen and Allison suggesting to buy the blackout fabric at JoAnns with a coupon or use black felt. Thank you!
Some deals to share:
Bath & Body Works starts their semi-annual sale tomorrow (6/11)!
From my email:
Signature Collection discontinued formula body lotion $4 June 11- 13
Classic Fragrances Shower Gel $3 June 14-16
Wallflowers Plug-in diffuser starter sets & refills $5 June 17-23
If you need some fun summer books to keep little minds occupied this summer (we have a looong trip out to Montana) there are some great deals over at BHFO Books. They are closeout books and you can also get free shipping on all order over 19.99. I got some of the learn to draw books like Sarah uses ($1.25 each! search I Can Draw..) plus some others:collage
(from l-r: $1.25, $3.00, $2.00, $1.25, $2.20, $1.50)
You may find something for yourself as well….
Happy Thursday~shopping ahead at sales like these are a great way to save on birthdays, vacations, Christmas(!) But don’t you go buying any of these things if you don’t have the cash to pay for them. There will always be more good deals to be had.
(nope, I’m not affiliated with any of these, just passing on a good deal)


  1. Glad he slept later!! HOORAY!!

    P.S. The B and B coupon expires 2009. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Angela, thank you for noticing that. I took it off. Y'all would be throwing your lotions and shower gel at me for distributing bum coupons. :)

  3. Thank you for the black out idea. I just moved here and I have a skylight over my bed. While I adore it at nite when its clear out, I can see the stars overhead and its delightful Im not thrilled come morning. Ive been waking up at the crack of dawn and I dont have to be up that early. I toss and turn and occasionally fall back to sleep if Im exhausted enough. But I want normal sleep. Black felt is a cheap enough solution that just might work, especially now I see that its helping your lil one sleep longer.

  4. Glad you now have a sleeping baby, nothing better! Can I ask about the free shipping on the books from BHFO.com, I have tried to look up the promo code and dont seem to be able to find it, any help would be appreciated~! Thanks, Sue

  5. Hi Sue~you don't need a code, just add at least 19.99 to your cart and shipping will be free. Good luck!

  6. Hi! I've never posted before but we use small room size air purifiers in our boys' rooms as white noise and it works a charm. Buy one with quiet operation and a variable fan speed AND it will clean the air while he sleeps, won't make him too cold and won't kick up all the dust in the room. Hope that also helps. PS: a light blocking pull shade PLUS good quality light blocking blinds work GREAT here in Alaska where we get 22 hours of sun in the summer!

  7. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know if you have Gymboree outlet store near, there semi annual sale starts today. The deals are great $1.99 - $3.99 for T-shirts can't be beat and you earn Gymbucks as well as rewards points if you are a Gymboree rewards member. Thanks fo rthe great blog.

  8. Isn't it awesome when new tricks work? White noise has been my saving grace many times (we finally broke down and bought a machine whose whole purpose in life was to provide my son with white noise.)

    As for the blackout fabric, beware of using it in a room that might get extreme direct heat. I used them in my son's nursery over his blinds and it wasn't until we were moving out that I realized it had created an oven and roasted the blinds! Now I'm sticking to heavy fabrics for light control.

  9. Glad that the baby slept. I know that you feel like a new woman after a good nights rest. Have a great weekend.

  10. Yeah, I'm so glad he slept better for you - he is just too cute. Can't wait to hug him and kiss him all over! Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with all the festivities. :)

  11. Great deals! Thanks!! Oh, those "That's Right, That's Wrong" games are at the 99 cent store! They have about 4 sets for different grades, we have them all :)

    - I need black out shades for my son's room! He is getting up WAY too early. We put cardboard behind the shades in my daughter's room (back of the house so we didn't look tacky) and our neighbors had the NERVE to say they were going to turn us into CPS for child abuse! They said it was a fire hazard to have the windows blocked! I should have put up tin foil... but I caved and took it down. Anyhoo...

  12. I'm glad your son is getting the sleep he needs! That book looks great :D.

    Gemma X

  13. Thanks so much for the post I'm headed over to grab some books now!!!!
    Thanks again
    p.s. Glad your little one is getting some good sleep now!!


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