deals! 9.15

15 September 2010

Some deals you may be interested in~it’s never too early to think about holiday shopping…
* You can still sign up free for Amazon Mom and get free 2 day shipping for the next 3 months! I realized I needed a birthday present last Wednesday and it was on my doorstep on Friday. Love it.

* Amazon has girls and juniors skinny jeans for $5 to $8 and you can use your free 2 day shipping.
*JcPenney has their Wednesday deals. Nothing that I can’t live without, but it may be worth a look for you? I thought this bag was cute:
jcp bag

* Michael’s has a 50% off printable coupon this week~wahoo!

*Target has some great daily deals today: (remember that you have to check out today to get these prices and sometimes they sell out before the end of the day…)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank you thank you! I was just going out to look for jeans for my daughter today...she really needs some new ones. I'm all about not paying more than $10 for kids clothes, and that is getting harder and harder as she gets older. I will definitely be doing some online shopping today!

  2. ohhh thanks for the headsup!

  3. Have you noticed that on the Michael's 50% off coupon, the fine print reads: no reproductions or electronic images accepted. Does this mean that if I was to print the coupon from your site it would be void because it is a reproduction/electronic image? Just wondering. Thanks!

  4. The link up there takes you directly to *their* website. Michaels posted them on their own website, so they better take them...or they're going to have a bunch of angry women on their hands :)

  5. Thanks for the deals! :)
    I love your blog.

  6. Whoo hoo! Another excuse to go shopping! The hubby may not like it too thanks for the great deals!


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