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28 September 2010

Mandie sent me her e-book:
You may have seen her button over there and down on my sidebar. -->
I loved it and said that I would sing it’s praises from the rooftops. You know I love details and these are things I wish I would have known 2 years ago when I started to try to paint furniture:
what type of furniture should I look for?
what brands do you use?
sand or not sand?
brush, roll, or spray?
what are your favorite paint colors?
how in the heck do you glaze?
what about embellishments?
She answers all of these, plus much more in her 83 page book.
And it’s only $10.
She and her husband started re-finishing furniture and it was selling like hotcakes on Craigslist, so they turned it into their own business called Altar’d.
Here are some of the examples of furniture they’ve sold:
altard collage
Remember my $10 Goodwill table?

I used Mandie’s steps and turned it into this:
september 2010 016 1 september 2010 012 1 september 2010 013 1 I can’t wait to put it into the living room. Thanks, Mandie! Let Altar’d be your guide for painting furniture and you’ll save so many paint-overs (and overs) and hairs pulled out trying to figure it all out by yourself.
Happy Tuesday~
Disclaimer: if you buy the e-book, I will get a portion of the profit. I hope you know I’ll never promote something I don’t love. The money would be helping to fund the Melissa’s living room needs would love a rug project. Just playing it straight with ya. thanks!


  1. You're table turned out great! What a transformation!

  2. That table is so beautiful. Who'd have thought? Truly -- you turned a ho-hum piece into fabulous!

  3. I bought the e-book from Mandie on Saturday night. I read the whole thing in one sitting, like it was a novel or something. I love it and so glad I got it. Can't wait for the 2nd volume to come out!

  4. I love your little table. I need to check out her eBook--I've heard several people mention it. If I decide to buy it, I'll definitely go through you!

  5. You did a great paint job on your table. Love it...

  6. That turned out fantastic! I love the shape and now it looks so updated!


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