Kristine’s holiday house

29 October 2010

I want to introduce you to my sister in law, Kristine. She is QUEEN of Halloween and if you know her, you love her. She’s hilarious, has a huge heart, and basically is the hostess with the mostess. We love coming to their house because 1) she makes you instantly feel at home and 2) she has the best food. (A lot of recipes you’ll see on here come from her)
We got to visit them last October and my kids didn’t want to leave. Here are my kids and her kids all together. They are not only cousins, but also built in best friends. They can pick up instantly where they left off 6 months ago. Plus, do you see all the cereal lined up on the counter behind them? Yes, she brings out the good stuff when we’re there and they love that too.
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Anyway, we were there last year when her house was all decked out for Halloween and I took some pictures, but can’t find them for the life of me.oct 2009 303 1
oct 2009 306 1  
So, I asked her to send me some, and she did!
Enjoy :) 
IMG_1381 1 IMG_1290 1 IMG_1312 1 IMG_1345 1 IMG_1346 1 IMG_1355 1 IMG_1363 1 IMG_1375 1Thanks for sharing your home with us, Kristine!
Have a fun weekend~


  1. Omg, that group shot is hilarious! Between the baby screaming and the toddler either smacking him or trying to console him and guy on the end lounging around like Joe Cool! Had me laughing!

  2. How cute! Makes me wish I'd done more to decorate for Halloween! What fun!

  3. Those kids are so cute!! All of them. Cousins are perfection: family and friends built into one. Your sister is amazing. Just thinking about putting them all away makes me tired. But her house looks so fun!
    Found your blog off of Pleasures of My Life. Always fun to find other LDS Bloggers!

  4. I love her halloween tree. I love when my kids get to see their cousins. We see them about once a year if we're lucky.

  5. I love her "The Witch Is 'In'" sign!!

  6. I l.o.v.e Kristine!!! I grew up with her and seriously think she's a doll. And her sweet dad is one of my parents' dearest friends. She turned me onto your blog, which I love too. My name is Chelsey...

  7. You can tell she's a sweetheart just by looking at her picture! Kind eyes and warm, genuine smile. Looks like a fun house. LOVE the candy corn!

  8. I SOO miss Kristine! She is one of a kind and absolutely so loveable and fun. She is one amazing woman who has definitely touched my life for the better. Please tell her I said that. :) xo

  9. Those cousins sure are cute! I'm so glad I married into the family I did- Kristine and all her sisters (my mom in law included) are the most loving people I've ever met!

    Kristine is also GREAT at bargain shopping... :)

  10. Melissa, this post is great! Kristine's house is darling. . . you're right, she's the Queen of Halloween! But my favorite photos are the one with all the cousins and the one of y'all singing at the piano! I so wish my kids had lots of cousins--your family is greatly blessed. :)

  11. Wow - you are right, she really is the QUEEN of Halloween . How fun for all the kiddos.


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