favorite things: emily from jones design co.

15 November 2010

I’m so excited for this week: we’ll get to see favorites from some fabulous bloggers this week, and then on Friday you’ll get to share your favorite things at the linky party. Also, there will be a giveaway basket on Friday with a favorite thing from each of bloggers this week. To be entered, you just have to join us Friday with your favorite things.
favorite things So, find your favorite Fraulein Maria nightgown, and start singing…it’s going to be a great week!
Please welcome Emily from Jones Design Company. She has remarkable style…I have put many pictures from her blog in my ideas files. I even put some of her what I wore pictures in there to give me ideas in fashion…
jones collage She has a lovely giveaway each month and some of my favorite posts are Twirl and Time. Thank you for coming to 320 Sycamore today, Emily!

My list of favorite things:
Seven For All Mankind Jeans image
I pretty much wear a pair everyday . . . . .

eggnog lattes image Mmmm, it’s like Christmas in a cup. . . . . .

Apple crisp image {especially this recipe by the amazing Ina Garten} . . . . .

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara image My most essential makeup item . . . . .

linen image

. . . . . Gap Heaven perfume image I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve been wearing this scent since middle school. I’m one of those ‘sensitive to smells’ kind of girls and this perfume is just about the only one that I can handle. It is light and fresh and c.h.e.a.p. . . . . .

children’s books image {particularly ones with great illustrations} a few of our very favorites
image imageimage image image image . . . . .
paper & ribbon paperrolls 
old silverIMG_3153

and {of course} my family park - family fire hydrant
Do you share any favorites with Emily?


  1. Love Emily... her stenciled office is one of my all time favorite projects..

  2. Mine too! We also love the same mascara. I would also love the figure to go with the 7 For All Mankind jeans :)

  3. Your family is gorgeous and so is your taste. I have four little ones as well and I will be finding a fire hydrants to take pics of today. Beautiful!

  4. I love those jeans, I use the same mascara, I heart linen.... its almost like I made this list :)

  5. I love those jeans, too - but not the price tag! $155 for a pair of jeans? No way.

  6. I know ... the jeans are spendy, but you can get A LOT of wears out of them. And don't forget ebay - there are always great deals on my favorite jeans there!

  7. I got a pair of the 7 For All Mankind Jeans on Ebay and LOVED them. Very flattering and just a great quality. Then I gained weight, they didn't fit, and guess what I did? Sold them for the same amount I paid on Ebay :) I think they are worth the splurge...

  8. I have four pairs of those jeans- all via TJ Maxx! I got two of them for only $40 each. They can be found for a good price if you hunt! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Your style is fabulous and I will definitely be stealing (nicely) some of your ideas.

  9. I with you on the mascara-my fav. And I'm a one perfume type of gal too-Eternity. Would love it if the jeans would fit.....Nancy

  10. I love Emily's blog especially that What I Wore. Love reading about her ideas.

  11. I agree on that mascara, it's always been my go-to for years! And I would love to try those jeans. Maybe I'll discover a bargain at TJ Maxx. I'm afraid to buy online, since finding a pair of jeans that fit usually takes about 10 tries. And I need LONG, wonder if they come in Talls?

    Love your style, Emily!

  12. I 1000% agree on the Voluminous Mascara - it has been my mascara of choice for 15 years running! I LOVE the child's bookshelf idea...I know you were sharing that children's books were you favorite, but that bookshelf if awesome! ~Iris~

  13. we pretty much have ALL of the same favorites! how funny! :)


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