glass hurricanes + Black Friday deals!

24 November 2010

I know you are all probably all ready for Thanksgiving (tomorrow!), but here was a super duper popular project from last year:

If you have a little more upscale taste, here is the Park Avenue Edition  Cost: $10
They can be used for any holiday!
Some have asked what I’m going after on Black Friday, and honestly, probably not much. I’m almost done shopping and the appliances were the big thing on our list and those are done, so I’m not sure. I may head out with my mother and sister in law, but it all depends on what you are looking for. It’s a great time to buy power tools at Home Depot and Lowes (I got my nail gun and air compressor last year and have LOVED it!) and ours weren’t crowded at all early in the morning last year.
I don’t have direct links, but I go to Black Friday at Gotta Deal and you can search all the ads for a specific item. There are too many deals out there to list! Some things that may catch a diy girl’s eye:
Lowes will have a 10” skil compound miter saw for $59! Perfect for trim projects!
Home Depot has a 2 gallon air compressor + brad nailer for $69.88 to attach your beautiful trim :)
Walmart has a 5 gallon quiet shop vac for $15  I may go for a shop vac…ours gave up the ghost before we moved and I miss it.
If you are brave after Thanksgiving dinner (or on Friday), Michaels has a sale starting at 5 p.m. with an additional 30% coupon good on your *entire* purchase, including sale items! I got lots of ribbon last year for .60 a roll.
We’ll probably stop by Bath & Body Works to use their coupon, and stock up on soap and wallflowers if they are on sale again….
If you don’t feel like braving the crowds (and there are some cah-razy people out there!), Amazon has hourly Black Friday deals all week that you can watch for and shop in your jammies! We got some amazing deals last year. There will be tons of online specials all over, I’m sure.
Are you going out this weekend to get some deals? What are you going after? We would love to hear…


  1. I need some brown boots!! That's on my list tomorrow. Also looking for a good game to buy for my sister and her hubby. He'll be home from Iraq very soon, and they need something fun to do at home after the baby is in bed. :)

  2. I am not going to be going out. I can't take the crowds:)

  3. I will wait until Monday when everyone is back at school and work! I avoid Walmart from now until Feb..

  4. I don't do Black Friday, but more power to those that do!

  5. All good things to think about. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. These Glass Hurricanes are looking good and price is also very reasonable. I'd like to buy these for Christmas.

  7. We got up at 8:00am to go to HD for the air compressor/brad nailer. I never had so many associates help me in my life! There were 4 of them trying to pick out the right nails for it :-)

    I also made the hurricanes a few months ago. I think they might end up on the mantle, not sure yet!

  8. Very impressive! I love when you can make something at home that rivals the pricey catalogs. Way to go!!



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