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09 November 2010

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Hello! Here I am complete with my crazy hair, wrinkles, double chin! We’re going to turn some fab mirrors I got at Target for $12.48 a piece into chunkalicious frames.
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I have to show you the price tag so you know I’m not making this stuff up Smilenovember 2010 028 1
Most mirrors are just held in by some screws in the back. Remove the mirror.
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This summer we had family pictures with my whole family in Montana, so I had my sister take one of our family with my camera. It’s not my favorite picture ever, but we’re all in it and everyone is looking in the general direction of the camera, so I’m running with it. I got the picture made into a poster size print at Walmart for $11.88.
november 2010 032 1
I used double stick tape to attach the picture to the picture frame back.
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I put it on my $10 yard sale PB shelves that I’ve moved around in houses since 2004. (you can see they are beginning to chip on the back side.) This time I painted them white. You saw the other one here. I’ll be adding some more to it as well.november 2010 038 1
Hopefully I can take some good pictures and show you the living room tomorrow! I’m guest judging over at the CSI Project this week. Come on over!


  1. Very nice and a great idea, Melissa! I know I've seen mirrors where I've liked the frame but don't need another mirror, so usually I pass these things up. Never thought to just remove the mirror - duh! : )

  2. Great Idea...looks so professional!

  3. Love that big chunky frame!! Your family photo looks so good in it's new frame!

  4. Hey fantastic idea! There is no shortage of mirrors at flea markets and thrift shops, but like someone else said, I am always passing them up because I don't have a need for another mirror. But a chunky frame, that's a great idea.

  5. Great idea! I have the same frame! I'm in the process of painting , I may have to try this before I put the mirror back in.

  6. Great idea! I love the chuny frame to accent the great family photo!

  7. Oops!!! sorry about the typing error... chunky not chuny :( in my comment.

  8. I love family photos, what a great decorating idea that anyone can do!

  9. What a good idea! A chunky frame is a chunky frame, no matter what's in it!

    I can't wait to see the living room. I'll be checking back often!

  10. Wonderful idea! I'll have to check my Target to see if they have any of these mirrors, because I have an espresso colored desk and entertainment center. It would look perfect in my family room! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Looks so good. I love the frame. Your one smart lady to think about changing it into a picture frame!

  12. Looks great! So good to see your cute family! :)
    Just a little FYI, if you have a Costco card their prints are cheaper and better quality. IMO anyway. I got a print from the awesome pictures Shandy took of my family last year printed at Costco for $8.00 for a 20x30 sized print. And the best part, Costco doesn't give you crap about the picture. Walmart always seems to give me trouble. (They weren't going to let me print a picture of my boys one time because they were sitting on Santa's lap! SERIOUSLY!) Then again I'm anti walmart to begin with so that may add to the problem! LOL!

  13. Amy~ I soooo wish we had a Costco near! Our closest is at least 3 hours away. Walmart has been okay though...so far :)

  14. That looks wonderful! I love that black and white picture of your family!!!

    sandy toe

  15. I love a good frame makeover! Great job, Melissa. :)

  16. wow, what a great idea! I might have to run to target! So what size is the opening where the mirror was?

  17. Target doesn't have them anymore. Once they get to 75% off, they are completely moved out of the store in 2 weeks. Sorry :(

  18. Mindy~the opening was a 12X12, so I just had a 12X18 print made and cut it down to size...

  19. I think you are a genuis.

  20. They look:
    a) very expenisive
    b) gorgeously vintage.

    a) very impressed
    b) incredibly jealous.


    Have a great weekend, my lovely.



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