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17 November 2010

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel. I received a laptop for compensation and will tell you my honest thoughts about it…
a typical Wednesday:
wake up at 6:45 after hitting the snooze 3 times, scriptures, plan day, wake kids up, get them going, get workout clothes on, start laundry, unload dishwasher, kids’ breakfast with scriptures, family prayer, piano practice, notebooks signed, permission slips in backpacks, pack lunches, find other shoe,
logan landon
look for the purple headband, kids on bus, clean up lunch making mess, Special Agent Oso & Dora on for boys, eat my breakfast, check email, Google Reader, download bank transactions and categorize, check deals, check budget, check Craigslist, Dora’s over (blast), turn off TV, turn off computer, switch laundry,

pull something out of the freezer or start something in crock pot for dinner, load dishwasher, wipe counters, sweep floor, light a candle, 3 minute pickup in each upstairs room, get boys playing with something, fold laundry while watching Nate, put laundry away, break up a fight over the kitty blanket,

landon vacuum

vacuum nasty living room carpet, snack {graham crackers & milk} take boys on a walk/run (or do Jillian if it’s raining outside)walk lunch with scripture picture, lunch
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  1. Whew, I'm exhausted! You might want to add snuggle to your shopping list, I think you're running low ;)

  2. LOL Anita! There was a crazy sale at Kroger where it ended up being 50 cents a bottle with coupons or something. I ordered 20 coupons on Ebay and went to town! :)

  3. Hey, Melissa! So happy you got a new laptop too. I'm in love with mine, it's been so great to have.

  4. I am exhausted reading about your day

  5. I need a speed nap after reading this

  6. LOL! Welcome in the club of the fulltime "home workers". Hey, you still should get a couple dogs or cats, in case you might find 10min to rest in between.



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