remember December 2010

28 December 2010

I am trying to go through pictures and organize, DELETE a ton, and get the rest ready to upload to our family scrapbook blog (which has been so severely neglected these past few months) Here are some things from December I want to remember:
december 2010 009 1
Mater giving baby Jesus a ride…november 2010 020 1

we have a little “letters to santa” tin that the kids put notes in. Most were Christmas wish lists, but this one kind of melted my heart:
december 2010 003 1 
How much longer will he be able to play baby Jesus??december 2010 042 1
We woke up to a white Christmas! december 2010 115 1
My girls spent a whole Saturday making this rocket out of a big Amazon box for Logan and we really shouldn’t have bought anything, because it was the hit of all the presents that morning. They were sooo excited to give it to him.
december 2010 082 1
About 11 a.m. Christmas morning:
december 2010 091 1 
Making a snow family with the neighbor kids:
december 2010 011 1
One of their favorite things to do is go through books and find cool numbers like 33, 99, 100, 444
december 2010 018 1
My sweet girl celebrated her 9th birthday: december 2010 124 1
and tomorrow my baby is turning 2 …how on earth can that even be possible??december 2010 142 1
A few more things:
*my Lowes was dumb. What’s up with only 60% off Christmas this year instead of the usual 75%?? But….my Target is loaded. I can’t wait for 75 or 90% off. Rumor has it that Thursday or Friday could be 75% off for Lowes and Target.

* Please remember dear Edie and her family in her prayers (do you remember the awesome guest post on being a mom she did for us?) They lost their beautiful house in a fire, thank goodness everyone is okay, but please send them love, strength, and comfort. She is such a light to me and the blog world~
I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season with your dear ones…I’m loving this down time with family. Do you ever wish you could freeze time just as it is right now and no one could grow a second older?


  1. Thanks for the clearance heads up, Melissa! We've been kind of snowed in anyway so I figure I won't be able to hit any stores until after work on Friday. How cute are your boys in their matching pajamas! Love the rocket; isn't that always the way ~ the box is the hit of the day!

  2. I love how they're holding the baby Jesus down in the manger. ;)

    Our living rooms looked very similar on Christmas morning...except mine is still scattered with toys!

  3. Love your photos, especially the one of Mater giving baby Jesus a ride. :)

  4. Driving Jesus around in the truck is priceless:) Everyone is praying for Edie!

  5. Beautiful post! And my little 9 yr. old granddaughter celebrated her birthday on Christmas too!

  6. Awww, love the note to Santa!!

  7. I see your kiddos are wearing the ever popular Christmas pj's. Santa left them at our house for 20+ years - really spruced up our Christmas morning photos. Your photos are always so charing and tell "the story well".

  8. I wish I could freeze time too! I love the piano bench turned manger. We did a nativity this year too. I'm sure you haven't had time yet but I would love to hear your thoughts on the parenting bought I had in my Favorite Things whenever you get a chance. :)

  9. Great pics - thanks for sharing!
    I DO wish I could freeze time. I'm sad to think what the house will be like when the kids grow....
    Poor Edie and her family - I will keep her in my family's prayers.

  10. Your children are adorable! I love the letter to Santa. So sweet :)


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